Equity in Contracting

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Be Our Partner. Build Our Community

 The Equity in Contracting (EIC) program functions as a liaison to the business community, working to ensure that the City's interface with the business community is one of access and trust, and conveys the City's values around social equity, collaboration and challenging the standard method of doing business.

 The program is interested in understanding and removing barriers to working with the City as a supplier of goods or services, with a focus on increasing the number of projects awarded to small, minority and women-owned businesses (COBID-certified). The program aims to:

  • Support the community both socially and economically
  • Make connections and build trust
  • Encourage innovation and superior solutions
  • Increase access to opportunities
  • Find and support new markets
  • Obtain best price and value
  • Connect interested businesses with appropriate opportunities & resources
  • Convey that the City is a partner that wants to be engaged


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