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​Full 30-year vision

We are creating a vision for current and future generations. This vision has been informed by two years of extensive public engagement and input from more than 10,000 individuals. We asked you to let us know if you thought we were on the right track, what we may have missed, and what your vision for the future looks like.

Read the results from our phone and online surveys, and see a list of approximately 250 projects that support the community's full 30-year vision:

​Guiding themes

Below are some guiding themes for the vision that build on our existing strengths while we also resolve current problems and act on future opportunities. 

Solve the Decades-Long Dilemma of Maintenance Funding

Identify and secure a sustainable funding source to maintain existing parks, natural areas and the 17+ park sites that currently sit vacant.

Bring Community Centers and Pools into the 21st Century

Reinvest in existing community centers and pools to meet Eugene’s growing population; consolidate facilities for operational efficiency and add energy efficiency.

Fix What’s Broken

Reinvest in existing neighborhood and community parks and natural areas throughout the city that are in need of repair; renovate specialty facilities, such as community gardens, tennis courts and sports fields.

Enhance Recreation Along the Mighty Willamette River

Make the most of our most cherished asset by improving access to the river for swimming, fishing, paddling and nature viewing, while maintaining or improving habitat for fish and wildlife. Focus on improvements in Alton Baker Park and the canoe canal, the University of Oregon’s south bank property, and the EWEB waterfront.

Re-energize Downtown Open Spaces

Enhance our connection to the arts, to our local economy and to each other with vibrant and active downtown open spaces. Urban parks and recreation can bring more beauty and nature to our downtown, making it a livable, family-friendly neighborhood and an inviting destination for the entire community.

Shine a Spotlight on Park Safety

Take a multi-pronged approach to improving safety by increasing security through park hosts, ambassadors or rangers; provide more programming and activation; add lighting; and selectively remove vegetation to improve visibility.

Provide Pools and Community Centers for all Eugeneans

Invest in new community center and pool facilities in southwest Eugene and Santa Clara to the north. Explore locations and potential partnerships with other community organizations to leverage resources and limit capital and operational costs as much as possible.

Turn Vacant Park Sites Into Vibrant Places Throughout Eugene

Invest in new neighborhood and community parks on land already owned in under-served neighborhoods throughout the city, and add specialty facilities, such as community gardens, spray play and neighborhood natural areas, where appropriate. Continue neighborhood park acquisition efforts in under-served areas.

Roll out the Welcome Mat

Ensure that all parks and recreation facilities are welcoming for all Eugeneans. Considerations, such as bilingual signage, fully accessible play areas, fitness stations and amenities become the norm.

Grow Riverfront Parks to North Eugene

Continue to work toward a long-range goal of acquiring property on the Willamette and McKenzie Rivers, north of Beltline. Much of this property is currently in active sand and gravel mining operations that are expected to continue for many years into the future, but one day, portions could be reclaimed to improve fish and wildlife habitat and increase recreation opportunities and access to nature for residents in north Eugene.

Make Every Doorstop a Trailhead

Increase access to nature and improve opportunities for healthy recreation in all corners of the community by expanding the current path system along the Willamette River, the Ridgeline and Amazon Creek and regional connections to Springfield and beyond. Provide a safer and more enjoyable walking and biking experience on low-volume residential streets with, enhanced street crossings, traffic calming signage, street trees, stormwater swales and seating and make connections to area paths, trails, parks, schools and other destinations.

Complete the Ridgeline Vision

Acquire the remaining pivotal pieces to connect Fern Ridge Reservoir to Mt. Pisgah. Build trails and trailheads and enhance the habitat value of acquired lands.

Adventures Await at Suzanne Arlie Park

Our largest park with over 500 acres offers a unique opportunity for nature-based recreation. Possibilities include: mountain biking, hiking, a canopy walk, outdoor education, group camping and more. A community engagement process is currently underway.

Pedal and Paddle Amazon Creek

Extend Fern Ridge Path along the Amazon Channel to Fern Ridge Reservoir and build a water trail on lower Amazon Creek. That’s right, we’re talking about canoeing and kayaking on Amazon Creek. We know it’s possible because we’ve done it!

Create Neighborhood Hubs for Kids

Work with other agencies and service providers to develop a Community School model of service delivery. Community Schools are full-service neighborhood hubs that bring multiple agencies and service providers together under one roof to ensure kids and families have what they need to be successful in school and in life.

Build an Epic Sports Field Complex

Eugene lacks a facility with multiple fields that can accommodate both daily play and local and regional tournaments. A sports complex, potentially located at Golden Gardens, would also provide needed revenue and support tourism. A market study is underway in collaboration with Travel Lane County and Willamalane.

Stretch the Public Dollar

Pursuing multiple approaches to address the Parks and Recreation system funding needs is essential, as is more robust financial partnerships. Potential options include: partnering with businesses to sponsor facilities, programs or events; endowments for ongoing maintenance; and new revenue-generating facilities.

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