Loan Policies

Thank you for returning items by the due date. This helps the library run smoothly and allows others to enjoy the items. See your borrowed items and their due dates anytime in your online account. You can also choose to receive courtesy notices about your items’ current status by email, text, or phone. Or call us for assistance at 541-682-5450.

Physical items

Physical items include print books and magazines, audiobook CDs, music CDs, DVDs/Blu-ray, and more. Nearly all physical items check out for 21 days. Nearly all are renewable and are automatically renewed 3 days before due date, for a total of 7 renewals.


  • We do not renew a loan if another person has placed a hold request for the item or if your library card needs to be renewed or has been blocked from use.
  • Lucky Day items are limited to 4 at a time from each category (Children's, Young Adult, Adult), and cannot be renewed or placed on hold.
  • Laptops and Maker Kits check out for 7 days. They are loaned with a limit of 1 of each at a time and cannot be renewed.
  • Book Group in a Box Kits check out for 60 days with a limit of 2 at a time.
  • Telescopes cannot be placed on hold or renewed, and are limited to 1 at a time.
  • Cultural Passes cannot be renewed.
  • Video Games are limited to 10 at a time.
  • Learning Kits are limited to 2 at a time.
  • Mobile Wifi Hotspots are limited to 1 at a time.

Online items

Your library card provides free access to online items including eBooks, audiobooks, streaming movies and shows, music, magazines, and more. The length of loans and limits on the number of items vary with each service. Read, listen, and watch library items online.