Urban Design

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What is Urban Design?

Urban Design is the process of shaping the physical setting for life in our city. Urban design operates at the intersection of architecture, city planning, transportation and engineering, real estate economics, landscape design, and ecology. The result is a comprehensive approach to every project that ensures quality in the buildings, streets, sidewalks, and spaces in between where we play out our lives.

How can we help?

Please explore our Portfolio to see some of the exciting projects around the city we’ve been working on. Our Design Resource documents contain helpful tips on how to build a better project. Also, our free Design Consultation service can help you realize the potential in your next project.

What We Do
The Urban Design team assists in a wide range of development through varied means, including:

  • Working with stakeholders to create visions and plans.
  • Developing design concepts for public capital improvements.
  • Providing design assistance through one-on-one consultations or written materials.

Our approach brings together diverse expertise to ensure City projects fulfill community visions. With coordination and cooperation, public vision and private development can come together to create seamless, memorable urban places.