UGB Adoption Infographics

Below you will find infographic sheets about many of the topics related to urban growth boundary adoption. The infographics are visual representations of some of the key information related to these topics. Additional sheets will be added regularly. You can click on the links or images below to see PDFs of the infographics.

Housing Need - Infographic
Housing Affordability Snapshot - Infographic
Climate Snapshot - Infographic
Natural Resources Snapshot - Infographic
Economic Snapshot - Infographic
Compact Growth Snapshot - Infographic
Neighborhood Livability Snapshot - Infographic
Flexible Implementation Snapshot - Infographic
Housing Need FINAL 2.16.17
Housing Infographic FINAL 2.17.17
Climate Infographic
Nat Res Infographic
Economic Infographic
Compact Growth Infographic
Neighborhood Livability Infographic
Flexible Implementation Infographic