Short-Term Rentals in Eugene

Information on the Council Review of Short-Term Rental Regulations

Below is a quick summary of the current rules related to short-term rentals. We also encourage all short-term rental owners to be considerate of their neighbors.


The transient room tax (TRT) is a 4.5% tax charged on all overnight stays in the city, including hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals, and short-term rentals. Revenue from the TRT helps fund Eugene’s Cultural Services programs and supports tourism and visitor programs in Eugene.

All rental facilities must be registered with the City to collect TRT. You can access the registration form and information on how to pay the TRT on the City’s website: Once a completed registration form is received, a Certificate of Authority is issued to the operator. This certificate must be displayed at the rental property.


Occupancy limits help ensure the health and safety of residents and protect the quality and livability of our neighborhoods and community. In Eugene, a family of any number can live or up to 5 unrelated people are allowed per home. For short-term rentals, it is important to be aware of this limit when renting a room or home.


Eugene does allow overnight camping on residential property in a vehicle, camper, or trailer parked in the driveway of a single family dwelling. Only one camping shelter is allowed and the property cannot require payment for the camping. This means that a trailer or camper on residential property cannot be used as short-term rental. This also applies to "tiny houses" that are on wheels and therefore considered a type of camping trailer.


Eugene’s Rental Housing Code applies to long-term rentals. If you plan on renting a facility for over 30 days, then this code would apply. To learn more about the Rental Housing Code visit the City’s website at


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Transient Room Tax