Council Discussions

Headline that says Updates with photo of Eugene skyline

  • The City Council on October 23 approved a rest stop at the corner of 34th Avenue and Hilyard Street in southeast Eugene that will accommodate 12 people. 
  • On April 26, 2017, City Council held a work session to discuss ideas, priorities and opportunities for a public shelter. Mayor Vinis will bring the Council’s considerations and support to the Poverty & Homelessness Board’s work on increasing housing and emergency shelter. 
  • On April 12, 2017, City Council held a Work Session to discuss local options for inclusionary zoning and an affordable housing trust fund. A motion was approved to continue research into all options and schedule another Work Session to discuss these options further. 
  • Following a Public hearing held on February 21, the Eugene City Council voted unanimously on February 27 to remove the sunset dates from the Rest Stop and Dusk to Dawn programs. See the approved ordinance and the webcasts, agendas and minutes for these meetings.
  • City Council discussed the Rest Stop Program and Opportunity Village Eugene during Work Sessions held on November 16, 2016, and February 13, 2017. During these meetings, Council made several motions. They included:
    • The Rest Stop program's sunset date should be eliminated
    • The City should work to build community understanding of the programs through education and outreach
    • One existing rest stop should be moved out of Ward 7 in recognition of the concentration of social services and homeless activity in that ward
    • The City should stabilize the current rest stops and work with task teams in different wards in a phased approach to find additional rest stop sites outside of Ward 7
City Council recently approved two resolutions related to housing and homelessness. In May 2016, they approved Resolution No. 5153, which declares the City of Eugene's commitment to the Housing First approach.

In October 2015, Council approved Resolution No. 5142, acknowledging the current housing and homelessness situation as a crisis and urging state assistance to help address it.

In December 2011, the Eugene City Council adopted a motion asking Mayor Kitty Piercy to form a task force that would develop recommendations to address the needs and impacts of unhoused community members.

Appointed by the Mayor, the 58-member Opportunity Eugene Community Task Force on Homeless Solutions included: City Councilors, community members, representatives from Occupy Eugene, non-profit human services agencies, neighborhood associations, businesses, the health care community, local school districts, the religious community, the Eugene Police Department and the Human Rights Commission.

The full task force met six times before the end of March 2012 and developed a final report and presentation on their findings and recommendations to give to Council.