Illegal Camping

Eugene City Code 4.815 prohibits camping in public right-of-ways, parks and other publicly-owned property. The City recognizes this is a very challenging issue and works hard with its partners toward solutions that balance neighborhood livability, safety, health, and compassionate and humane responses to homelessness.  

If you are witnessing an emergency or a crime in progress, call 911. 

How to Report Illegal Camping

To report illegal camping, please reference the specific location below and follow the corresponding steps.  

  1. In Cars
  2. In Parks
  3. Along Streets/ Public Property
  4. On Private Property

How to Report

Visit Report a  Car Camping or Parking Problem to file an online report (quicker response) or leave a message at 541-682-5729 with the following information:

  • Exact Location
  • Make/Model/Color/Plate # of vehicle
  • Nature of issue

How We Respond

A Parking Officer will respond with 24-48 hours. They will document the vehicle location and provide some alternative options for parking. 72 hours after the first visit, the officer will return. If the vehicle has not become compliant, a citation will be issued and notice for impound posted. After another 72 hours the officer will return and if the vehicle is still not compliant, the vehicle will be impounded.

Allowable Camping Options

Recognizing the housing and homelessness crisis that our community and cities across the nation are facing, the City Council has approved specific provisions through City Code 4.816 for permitted overnight sleeping. These provisions provide more options for people who are experiencing homelessness to find safe and legal places to sleep. 

Options include: