Getting Involved

Volunteers digging and working outside

Now Available

Outreach Handbook, Eugene’s Rest Stop and Car Camping Programs
A How-To Guide for Community Members

An outreach handbook is available from the City of Eugene for community groups interested in working to identify potential new sites for rest stops and car camping and building awareness among their neighbors about these programs. The handbook includes information about rest stops and car camping, criteria and evaluation processes for potential sites, and tips and strategies for conducting outreach. Any groups who would like to request a copy of the handbook can contact the City Manager's Office at 541-682-8442.


If you’re looking to donate or get involved, many of the organizations listed in Finding Help need volunteers and additional assistance in providing their services. These organizations rely heavily on volunteers and would be grateful to have you involved!

Join your local neighborhood association

There are several neighborhood associations who have recently identified homelessness as a priority for their neighborhood efforts. Speak with your neighborhood association about how to get involved. Confirm your neighborhood association

Engage your local business, faith organization, family, friends and neighbors

Talk to local businesses, non-profits or other organizations that may be interested in participating in the Car Camping or Rest Stop Programs. Have conversations and get engaged. Talk to your family, friends, and neighbors about the issue to grow awareness and share ideas and perspectives.

Talk to your elected officials

Attend a City Council meeting or contact your City Councilor and other elected officials to voice your concerns and ideas, and to participate in the discussion surrounding homelessness.

Attend a Poverty and Homelessness Board meeting

The regional Poverty and Homelessness Board (PHB) is working hard on homelessness solutions. The PHB is made up of elected officials and a variety of stakeholder representatives. Attend one of their meetings to engage on the issue and hear about what projects they are working on.