city council at work

Agendas and Minutes
The agendas and supporting summary materials published on this site are current as of 5:00 pm on the Friday before the meetings. The order of the items and the items themselves are subject to change before and at the meeting.

Awards and Recognition

Eugene is frequently recognized as one of the most livable communities in the United States. The excellence of City employees and programs contributes significantly to our cherished quality of life.

Boards and Commissions

Members of boards and commissions provide an invaluable service to our city. They advise the City Council and City staff on a wide variety of subjects by making recommendations on important policy matters.

City Code
Code documents are available in Microsoft Word format as well as in PDF format. When consulting the Word version of documents, please ensure that contents are cross-referenced to the official version of the City Code.

City Manager's Office
The City Manager’s Office includes a diverse collection of services and programs that help ensure City government is effective, accountable and inclusive. We collaborate with the organization and other partners to align City work with City Council direction and community values; support elected and appointed officials; and promote an informed public.

The City recorder and staff coordinate and administer the city’s municipal election activities including receiving filings from candidates for the positions of mayor, councilor and Eugene Water and Electric Board.

Eugene Counts
Eugene Counts engaged community members from across the city in thinking deliberately about the concrete results they would most like to see the City of Eugene focus on.

Mayor and City Council
The mayor serves as the City's political head and chairperson of the council. The City Council, Eugene's legislative body, has eight members and is responsible for passing laws, setting community goals, adopting policy and deciding which services the City will provide.

Police Auditor
Obtain details about how the Office of the Police Auditor helps to investigate and resolve issues between the community and the Police Department.

Public Meetings
Learn about upcoming City of Eugene public meetings.

View the webcasts of City Council and Planning Commission meetings.