Tactical Urbanism

What is Tactical Urbanism?

Tactical Urbanism is a term is used to describe quick, often temporary, and inexpensive projects that aim to make a small part of a city more lively or enjoyable. They have grown in popularity in recent years as easy to implement projects that improve the urban environment. Our Urban Design team collaborates with numerous departments, stakeholders, and community members to implement safe and vibrant tactical urbanism projects.

EUGpop Pop-Up Retail

With the goal of incubating local artists and entrepreneurs, curating the "Best of Eugene", and activating downtown public spaces, the Pop-Up retail shops were launched in 2017 to support Downtown placemaking in anticipation of the 2021 World Track and Field World Championships. This pilot project featured three container retail shops and a parklet.


Downtown Parklets

The Urban Design team and the City's Parking Division have coordinated with the University of Oregon and local architects on multiple parklet projects. Parklets repurpose on-street parking spaces into vibrant community spaces that provide more space and amenities for pedestrians. These spaces generally provide seating, greenery, and art.

UD Parklets

Traffic Calming & Safety Interventions

Our Urban Design team works with city departments, outside organizations, students, and community members on demonstration projects that provide safety enhancements through placemaking. Projects have included facilitating intersection painting (shown) and traffic calming interventions that enhance the pedestrian realm.

UD Painted Intersection