Design Consults

Urban Design Consultation
The urban design team offers design consultation for development projects. 

  • To improve the built environment
  • To add value to new development and neighboring development
  • To improve the experience of the project’s residents, employees, customers and guests
  • To assist property owners in understanding their properties’ potential

Let us help identify design solutions for your project that respond to the urban context in the best way to save you time and money.

MUPTE Program & Design Review

The Multi-Unit Property Tax Exemption program is enabled under state law for the purposes of stimulating the construction of downtown housing and to ensure use of our urban core area as a place where citizens have the opportunity to live, as well as work. For more information on the MUPTE program or the application process, visit the program webpage:

In 2015, the Eugene City Council renewed the MUPTE program with revised Public Benefit criteria. One of those criteria establishes a higher level expectation for project design. This criteria is included in the Administrative Rule, as follows.


​MUPTE projects need to address basic design concepts in the context of the project location. The application needs to include a written narrative, with supporting graphics, renderings, or elevations of the proposed development that describes how the project will address the basic design concepts listed below. The draft Community Design Handbook describes and illustrates a complete summary of design principles for Eugene. Although not all principles will apply to a given project, the Community Design Handbook serves as the primary resource for achieving design outcomes. The Community Design Handbook can be found at www.eugene‐ or in hard copy at the Planning and Development Department. ​
​• Scale, form and quality of the building(s). Buildings are designed for the human scale, appropriate to local climate and natural resiliency, to engage the street, promote transparency, help define a sense of place, fit the neighborhood, and employ high‐quality and contextually appropriate materials and colors.
​• Mixture of project elements. The proposal employs a mixture of project elements that contribute to a walkable downtown, encourage biking and transit use, enrich the streetscape, and support community comfort and safety at all hours.
​• Relationship to the street and surrounding uses. The proposal is designed to engage and enrich the streetscape, as well as respect and enhance the existing surrounding uses.
​• Parking and circulation. Parking is designed to provide, to the greatest extent possible, locations for car sharing, integrated shared‐parking strategies, electric car charging stations, and safe and attractive pedestrian/bicycle connections between parking and adjacent buildings and streets.

Anyone considering applying for a Multi-Unit Property Tax Exemption is welcome to contact the Urban Design Studio to schedule a design consultation. Staff is available to assist with early design concepts and share our community’s expectations for new development.