Mapping Value

City staff have been working on a project that seeks to increase understanding among city staff and residents about how and what we build in our community affects our city financial stability, and how that in turn could affect services provided. Residents and businesses of Eugene depend on our city government to provide key public services, such as streets and public safety. There are two primary revenue sources for these services: property taxes and fees. This project explores spatially the geographical distribution of property taxes. Three-dimensional maps, along with easy to read narrative descriptions and graphics will walk you through how the concepts behind property tax per acre affects our community.

As a community, we have a charge to provide for our future, to ensure that our children and their children can continue to live in a city with libraries and parks, police protection and emergency services, paved streets and street lights that turn on at night. All of those things cost money. Thanks to the planning and hard work of past and current generations our city is financially stable today, but we need to plan for the future, for five, ten, or even twenty years from now.

Please take time to review our booklet available through the media viewer or in PDF below. Note about media viewer, there may be conflict with some browsers.

For additional information about the background of this project see our About this Project page.

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