Mapping Value

Envision Eugene is about managing growth in a way that protects and enhances our quality of life and reflects our shared values. As part of a Triple Bottom Line approach to city building, we strive to understand how different patterns of development relate to the economic, environmental, and social aspects of sustainability.

Phase I

In 2017, staff completed Phase I of Mapping Value, which included presenting to the City Council a visual display of property tax revenue across the City of Eugene. The analysis used maps to show tax revenue on a per-acre basis and provided a baseline for showing how developing land should be viewed from both its revenue side (the taxable value of the new buildings) and its cost side (constructing and maintaining roads and pipes and providing emergency services, for example). This Phase 1 work analyzed the revenue side of the equation as the first step in our efforts to gather reliable and relevant data that help our community understand fiscal impacts of development.  The consulting firm Urban 3, which has supported cities across the US with similar analyses, was retained by the City to assist with this work. Urban 3 is nationally recognized for its groundbreaking work in land value economics, property and retail tax analysis, and community design.

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Phase II

In 2018, staff contracted with Urban 3 for Phase 2 of this project to understand the role in which density and development patterns relate to municipal fiscal sustainability. This phase explores the cost side of the equation by adding infrastructure construction and maintenance costs to the analysis of property tax revenues completed by city staff during Phase I.