Speaker bios

stephenwootenStephen Wooten, University of Oregon Food Studies Program. Stephen Wooten is a cultural anthropologist and professor in the Environmental Studies Program and Department of International Studies at the University of Oregon. He directs the university’s interdisciplinary Food Studies Program (foodstudies.uoregon.edu). His research and teaching interests focus on the dynamics of food and community at home and in West Africa. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Willamette Farm and Food Coalition and the Village School.


Charlie Tilt, Hummingbird Wholesale. Charlie Tilt is a man of passion, integrity and honor. He truly walks his talk. His commitment to sustainability and low consumption is unwavering in business and home life. Charlie rides his bike to work most of the year, lives simply, and loves his family deeply. He can work long hours at Hummingbird and then be present with loving attention for his wife and daughters at home. Charlie Tilt is a good man.


Allie Breyer, Waste Prevention and Green Building, City of Eugene.  Allie recently received her Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Oregon with a focus in local environmental planning and policy analysis. She’s particularly interested in how government can use community engagement, communications, and policy research to incorporate environmental planning and decision-making into communities. She currently leads the curbside food waste collection pilot program and food waste prevention programming targeted at residential households. She serves on the Board of Directors for School Garden Project of Lane County.