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Imagine the first time you took the bus to school. How about when you decided to give the bike a try, and started pedaling to work, not knowing exactly how long it would take to get there. Though completely feasible, a changing the way you get to work, or school can be challenging at first. You probably didn’t have it all figured out, but you persisted. Our guess is that someone in the background inspired or supported you, maybe gave you a few really helpful hints. 

This is an opportunity for you to provide that support and share positive stories about using active transportation like biking, walking, taking the bus, or carpooling to accomplish daily needs. To Share Your Story, fill out a quick Google form and upload a fun picture of your commute. We’ll be sharing your story with folks who want to make a change in their transportation choice. Sharing will occur via: 

  • Social media
  • Email to smarttrips participants

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This is Lee. He lives on Elkay Dr. He’s been riding his bike or walking to work and school for about 5 years. He bikes or walks most of the time because it’s a lot less expensive than driving, and he feels empowered by relying on his own human power to get him from place to place. His favorite part about using active transportation is when he randomly runs into friends and can ride or walk with them along the way. Lee’s message for folks who want to start biking or walking more: 

"Try it one day a week! People will gladly give you support, so don’t shy away from help if you need it!"


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    Transportation Programs Coordinator
    Phone: 541-501-0390