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Stay Updated!

The e-newsletter is the primary way we send updates, and any interested community members are encouraged to sign up. We send project updates roughly once a month, and may send other announcements when there is an upcoming meeting or a milestone to share. 

Attend a Meeting

Neighborhood plan meetings are open to the public. Time is provided for public comment at Community Advisory Committee meetings and all attendees are invited to participate at working group meetings. General meetings for the two neighborhood organizations are also posted here due to the overlap with the neighborhood planning process. 

Contact Staff

Project staff are happy to answer questions or collect any input you have! Both City of Eugene and Lane County staff from different agencies are working on this project, so reaching out to the project management team directly is the best way to get a speedy reply.

Contact project manager Terri Harding at or 541-682-5635 for general questions and to provide input. Contact Audrey Stuart at or 541-682-5461 for information about meetings and public involvement.

Join a Working Group

Working groups have been established to tackle the five topic areas that this plan will address. The membership on these working groups is not fixed though, and residents are encouraged to join a working group at anytime. To learn more about the topic areas and view the materials used at each working group meeting, visit the topic areas page. Upcoming working group meetings are always posted on our project calendar (above) and anyone interested is encouraged to email us for more information on joining a working group.

Reach Out to Your Community Advisory Committee

The River Road and Santa Clara Community Organization Boards nominated members to serve on the Community Advisory Committee (CAC). The nominations were selected from a pool of volunteer applicants. On January 8th, the Eugene Planning Commission confirmed those nominations. The following individuals will represent their communities throughout the planning process, and more details on their role can be found in the CAC's working agreement

CAC meetings are open to the public. Neighbors are also encouraged to use the project email to directly contact the CAC with input and concerns, so they can be addressed as quickly as possible.

River Road-Santa Clara Community Advisory Committee
River RoadSanta Clara
Jon Belcher (Co-chair)Kate Perle (Co-chair)
Cameron EwingEd McMahon
Louisa de Heer Ann Vaughn
Michele O'Leary (backup co-chair)Louie Vidmar
Luke CallahanRick Duncan
Hans Wittig (alternate)Mary Leontovich

Carl Below (alternate)

Get Involved with your Community Organization

Both the River Road Community Organization and Santa Clara Community Organization are active in the neighborhood planning process as well as other neighborhood issues. Check out their websites to learn more about neighborhood events and news.