What Have We Heard?

This page provides information about the opinions, aspirations, and needs expressed by community members during the neighborhood planning process. It is organized chronologically, with the latest information near the top of the page.

Community Event #2: Actions and Priorities June 2018

neighbors participate in June community eventOn June 6th and 10th, 2018 nearly 300 residents attended two community events at North Eugene High School. They were asked to identify priorities in the five topic areas of the plan.

We are busy crunching the data collected at these events and conducting further outreach online and through small group engagement. Come back to this page later in the summer/fall to see results from this phase.

If you'd like to host a small group event or complete a online survey, visit the get involved page.

Inclusive Outreach

To involve youth, low-income residents, people with disabilities, and communities of color, we forged relationships with key community partners who have earned the trust and respect of community members with consistent service. Working in collaboration with organizations such as Saint Vincent De Paul, Food for Lane County, and multicultural outreach specialists at the school districts, we involved people who do not attend public meetings. A summary of the results is also available in Spanish on the En Español page. People who are interested in more information on the inclusive outreach process can download a detailed list of outreach events.

Business and Rural Outreach Results

This report includes the results of canvassing business owners and employees who might not have attended the community event in October. It also includes the results of an outreach event directed at residents of rural Santa Clara who live outside of the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB). To read the original feedback materials that rural Santa Clara residents provided, download the following file:Worksheets from the "My Idea" activity.

Interactive Web Map

Throughout the fall, we have been collecting input from residents on what they love about the River Road and Santa Clara neighborhoods, and what they think should be improved. Many of you probably participated in a workshop or the big community event in October where these values and ideas were collected. Check out the map to see your contributions and the values and ideas of your neighbors. This input will help shape the neighborhood vision that will guide the neighborhood plan.

Public Comment Log

We have logged all of the correspondence and public comments we have received so far in this public comment log (last updated June 12 2018). You can download the spreadsheet and sort by date, topic or any of the other fields of information. Then you can click on the document center link in column H to view the original file.

December 2017 Outreach Report

Our first outreach report outlines what we heard at the community event in October and at other small group events in October and November. This report begins to summarize the public input  we have received so far.

People who are interested in diving into the detailed data and original materials that support this report are welcome to download the following files:

Fall 2017 Outreach Video

The following video includes footage from the variety of ways we have been reaching out to the community.

Community Event #1: Reaching Out. October 17 2017

Nearly 400 people turned out (twice as many as we were expecting!) on a Tuesday evening at North Eugene High School. Neighbors shared what they value about living in the River Road and Santa Clara neighborhoods. They also shared their hopes for the future. 

October 17th 2017 Reaching Out Event, Audience

"ASK" Photo Essay

The "ASK" photo photo essay was produced by local photographer Christopher Trotchie. It gives a voice and face to the hopes and needs of the culturally rich and diverse communities in River Road and Santa Clara. The photos and direct quotes depict how residents feel and what they think about the issues they face each day.

The Santa Clara - River Road Implementation Planning Team (2014)

The Santa Clara - River Road Implementation Planning Team (SCRRIPT) laid the ground work for this neighborhood planning process. The community conversations and listening sessions they had with residents in both neighborhoods resulted in this Vision Statement and Key Issues document. The topic areas this plan focuses on are the result of their work.