Microenterprise Training

The City of Eugene periodically partners with Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation (NEDCO) to offer microenterprise training for local businesses and residents. NEDCO's training assists low-income clients in acquiring the skills they need to develop a business, create a sustainable income and lay the foundation for future job creation.  The trainings are tailored to the needs of self-employed microbusiness owners, which often fall outside mainstream business support. Topics include:

  • Microenterprise Training Classes
    Class topics include writing a business plan, starting a business, researching target markets, accounting, understanding the cost of doing business, using financial statements, marketing, taxation, financing options, social media as related to business development, different types of legal business structures and other business development topics.

  • One-On-One Business Coaching
    The coaching provides analysis of business financials, assessment of individual and business needs, creating a personalized assistance plan, developing a marketing strategy, connecting clients to resources within the community if needed (e.g. attorneys, tax professionals, CPAs), and providing ongoing business coaching and assistance. Twenty low-income business owners or persons seeking to start a business benefited from microenterprise training provided by NEDCO, in FY 2016.

Upcoming Classes

Visit http://nedcocdc.org/product/small-business-foundations-lane-county/ for more information about upcoming classes and how to register. 

The course will be free of charge to Eugene residents of low to moderate income. For more information, please contact Aaron Doreen at 541-682-5448 or aaron.x.doreen@ci.eugene.or.us.