Opportunity Village

Opportunity Village Eugene can serve up to 45 people at any one time in small bungalows and Conestog

In December 2012, the Eugene City Council approved a pilot project for a tiny home community that could provide a safe space for people experiencing homelessness to sleep, keep their belongings, participate in a village community, and receive supports to help them stabilize and transition into permanent housing. The transitional community started operating in 2013 and is called Opportunity Village Eugene. It is located on City Public Works property on N. Garfield St.

What is Opportunity Village Eugene? 

The site serves approximately 35 people at a time in small bungalows and Conestoga huts. Participants have access to community spaces and shared infrastructure including:

  • Restrooms
  • Laundry facilities
  • Kitchen space
  • Heated yurt with computer access and a library 

Opportunity Village operates under the non-profit SquareOne Villages, which recently broke ground on a new permanent tiny home community, Emerald Village Eugene, on property purchased by the non-profit. 

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  1. City Manager's Office

    Regan Watjus

    101 West 10th Avenue, Suite 119

    Eugene, OR 97401

    Ph: 541-682-8442