Urban Canvas

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Urban Canvas provides opportunities for local artists to create public murals within Eugene. The program connects artists and wall owners to provide opportunities to create a more vibrant community.

Urban Canvas is looking for both artists and wall owners who want to participate. 

As an ongoing public art program we accept mural proposals and portfolios at any time.

  1. Artist Information
  2. Wall Owner Information

We accept all mural proposals; from the experienced muralist to the visual artist wanting to branch out into mural work. Our role is to serve as the liaison between local artists and local businesses, helping facilitate this new arts experience.

Submission Process

  • Fill out the Artist Submission form. You may save your progress and return at a later date by making an account.
  • The main contact indicated on your form will be notified if and when your artistic talents match the aesthetic wishes of a wall owner.
  • If your work is selected by an interested wall owner, Urban Canvas will serve as the liaison between you and the building owner.
  • Urban Canvas reserves the right to not include a submission in the portfolio of artists available to wall owners.