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Urban Canvas strives to create a vibrant and dynamic public art community in Eugene by providing opportunities for local artists to create murals with local business.

Urban Canvas accepts artist portfolios and wall proposals from businesses on an ongoing basis.

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Urban Canvas accepts portfolios from artists of all experience levels, from the experienced muralist to the visual artist wanting to branch out into mural work. With the information and images provided by each artist, we create a portfolio that we show to wall owners interested in commissioning a mural.

Submission Process

  • Fill out the Artist Submission form for Urban Canvas. You may save your progress and return at a later date by making an account. To access a saved application, go to the form, login, and click on “My Forms.” Be sure to double check all information has been entered accurately. The information you provide on this form will be used to create your artist profile that we share with potential wall owners and project managers.
  • The main contact indicated on your submission form will be notified if your artistic talents match the aesthetic wishes of a project coordinator/wall owner. If your work is selected, Urban Canvas will serve as the liaison between you and the building owner/project coordinator (as appropriate for the specific project).
  • Urban Canvas reserves the right to not include a submission in the portfolio of artists available to wall owners. Artwork that includes - but not limited to - hate speech, illicit drug use, pornography, and violence will not be accepted for portfolio usage.

2020 Projects - Little Free Pantry

City of Eugene Cultural Services worked in partnership with Burrito Brigade, local artists from the Urban Canvas roster, local carpenters and community members to create 5 new little free pantries around town. Now, there are 22 Little Free Pantries in Eugene-Springfield. Coloring pages featuring pantry designs will soon be available here and in food pantry boxes, creating connections to the neighborhood and art. 

The Little Free Pantry (LFP) seeks to support an immediate and local need for food and other essential hygiene products. Little Free Pantries bring neighborhoods together and bridge barriers for those who can’t travel long distances to get free food.  The concept started in 2016 when Jessica McClard, a mom in Fayetteville, Arkansas, was inspired by the Little Free Libraries she saw popping up all over her town. There are now 600+ Little Free Pantries around the world. Burrito Brigade started making its Little Food Pantries in August 2018.

Check out this article in the Register Guard about this project.

Andrew Bronson pantryAndrew Bronson “Droodle”

Dates painted: June 2020

Location: Briarcliff Loop and River Road

About: Andrew has lived in Eugene for two years, and in Oregon for his entire life. He has decorated many things for many people including (but not limited to) skateboards, guitars, bedrooms, walls, cars, and even on one occasion, the inside of a store. About his work in general, and the pantry, he says, “I have a style that most find appealing, mainly due to the contents of my art. I mainly work in a cute, cartoonish variety, featuring different monsters and creatures of my own imagination. I love the outdoors and figured it would be a good subject to build from. I also recognized how special this project is, so I focused on making it welcoming, like every face on the pantry is happy to see you!"

Celeste Schield Jacobi pantry photo credit Danavion.comCeleste Schield Jacobi

Dates painted: June 2020

Location: Unitarian Universalist Church, 13th and Chambers

About: Celeste began painting indoor murals at the age of 16 in her parent’s home. During her time at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, she created a variety of other murals in residential and commercial spaces. She has also been commissioned to create art for PABST and The Los Angeles Weekly. She states, "My creative journey has taken me through surrealism, fantasy and abstract. My work is heavily inspired by Salvador Dalí who was the first artists I came across at the age of sixteen. He represented the ’other world’ which I found intriguing and wanted to explore further."  She decided to paint the pantry since more families are finding themselves needing access to food. During COVID-19, many have lost their jobs or have been furloughed putting a strain on household budgets. She says, “I wanted to paint imagery that would make people smile. The ballerina bees and their whimsical nature was the perfect choice.” To view more of her artwork you can visit her website, Creatrix Realms Art Studio. Photo by danavion.com.

Pattrick Price pantry photo credit DanaVion.comPattrick Price

Dates painted: June 2020

Location: Tyler and W Broadway

About: Pattrick Price is an Alaskan born artist following generations of Tlingit totemic style artists. In combination with the oldest styles of art from North America, Pattrick’s form line mixed with modern graffiti backgrounds creates murals that are unique to the Pacific Northwest. Pattrick is the current resident artist for the Ritz sauna in the Oregon Country Fair and has murals at Peterson Barn and at Tracktown Studios in Eugene. Pattrick also does live paintings and creates wearable art in and around Eugene Oregon. Regarding the pantry, he says, “The door is a painting of my interpretation of the sand underwater close to the beach that makes its own little ripples with the waves. It is called Self Organizing Criticality. The sides and back are my depiction of how everything comes together and fits comfortably in the mind when on a spiritual journey. It is called, Psychedelic Vision.” Photo by danavion.com.

Peighton Carmichael pantry photocredit Danavion.comPeighton Carmichael

Dates painted: June 2020

Pantry location: Behind Kincaid Park at 39th & Potter

About: Peighton is a freelance artist born and raised in Eugene, Oregon. She graduated from Lane Community College’s graphic design program in 2019. Peighton has shown her work at assorted galleries downtown at locations such as Cowfish and Lova Kava, and has been involved with community projects including painting this mini food pantry.  "I wanted the pantry to tie in the elements of Oregon that we have, the trees, mountain ranges and our ocean. I like to paint in vivid color to create a psychedelic effect in the contrast, and help bring more vibrancy to our town. Photo by danavion.com.

Learn more about Peighton

Wendi Kai Pantry photo credit danavion.comWendi Kai

Dates painted: July 2020

Location: Acorn Park

About: Wendi Kai is a classically trained artist, and a professional tattoo artist. She has been working locally for the past 13 years and shown her work locally since 2007, including at Cowfish, The Horsehead Bar, Sam Bond's Garage, Memento Ink, David Minor Theater, Hi-Fi Lounge, Keystone Café and 100 Mile Bakery. She opened a new tattoo shop, Moon Maiden Tattoo, in Springfield in October 2019. She is grateful for the opportunity to be involved in this community Free Pantry art project. She says “The subjects I chose for the pantry are mostly nature images and random fun stuff. The crow is from the Acorn Park neighborhood where I live. I see them almost everyday and love them. I wanted the images to feel welcoming, and spark curiosity. I hope people will smile when they see the box and feel drawn to it. What's inside has the intention of nurturing the community and I wanted the outside to reflect that.” Photo by danavion.com.