13th Avenue Protected Bikeway: 2020

13th Avenue Bikeway at 13th and Willamette. Green painted two-way protected bike lanes.

Opening Week Celebration

13th Avenue Bikeway Celebration Graphic

October 23- 30, 2020, community members shifted lanes and enjoyed Eugene's newest protected bikeway right in Downtown! The weeklong extravaganza of physically-distanced fun for all ages included: group rides, discounts at local businesses, livestream talks, the Filmed by Bike Film Festival, and more! 

Project Description

The 13th Avenue Bikeway began construction in April and will open for use in October of 2020. The bikeway features a two-way protected bike lane on 13th Avenue from Alder Street to Lincoln Street linking the University of Oregon Campus to Downtown Eugene. A newly installed concrete barrier provides physical separation between the bikeway and the vehicle travel lanes. To facilitate two-way bike traffic, signalized intersections have new bike-only signal phases to prevent turning conflicts between people driving and people riding bikes.

Design Elements

Following the public involvement process (see below), city staff recommended making the following walking and biking improvements along 12th Avenue and 13th Avenue between the University of Oregon Campus and Downtown Eugene. View the Final Project Report here.

12th Avenue Improvements (no project date identified)

  • Enhanced crossings
  • Bicycle boulevard treatment
  • Reconstructed and enhanced accessway between Willamette Street and Oak Street

13th Avenue Improvements (constructing 2020)

Two-way protected bikeway between Lincoln Street and Alder Street including the following elements:

  • 12-foot wide two-way protected bikeway on the north side of 13th Avenue 
  • Green paint highlighting the bikeway through intersections and conflict zones
  • Concrete barrier between the bikeway and vehicle travel lanes
  • Bike signals at all signalized intersections allowing for two-way bike travel
  • New wayfinding signage along the bikeway
  • Improved traffic signals including audible pedestrian devices and countdown timers
  • New vehicle parking bays

13th Avenue Bikeway at 13th and Lawrence. Green painted two-way protected bike lanes.

13th Avenue Bikeway at 13th and Willamette. Green painted two-way protected bike lanes.

13th Avenue Bikeway. Green painted two-way protected bike lanes.

Riding the Bikeway

People biking will be able to access the bikeway on the west end at Lincoln Street, at the east end at Alder Street, or by turning from intersecting streets onto the bikeway. At the Alder entrance, thanks to the newly added two-way bike lane from Kincaid to Alder, riders will be able to ride seamlessly from the entrance of campus onto the protected bikeway at 13th and Alder. 

The Lincoln entrance has several options to enter the bikeway. One option for accessing the bikeway at Lincoln is to use the raised crosswalk at the intersection. The crosswalk has color-coded designated crossing space for people walking (white paint) and people biking (green paint). Note that under Oregon law traffic is legally required to stop for you if you ride at pedestrian speed or dismount and walk your bike in the crosswalk. Oregon law requires a person driving to stop for people walking or biking slowly through a crosswalk when the person driving is given adequate time to stop. View FAQ and answers about the bikeway.


Tips for riding the bikeway:

  • The bikeway is two-way, so enjoy biking from Downtown to Campus and back!
  • Come to a complete stop at all RED traffic signals and wait for the GREEN bike signal to proceed.
  • The signals will automatically detect your bike (many use infrared detection).
  • Ride in the right-hand lane of the bikeway to avoid conflicts with oncoming riders.
  • When passing, ensure there are no oncoming riders, give the audible warning “passing on your left” or simply ring your bell, and then proceed to pass on the left-hand side.
  • Always look for vehicle traffic and ensure you are aware of your surroundings.
  • Per Oregon law, please use a white front headlight and rear red reflector when riding in the dark.
  1. Timeline
  2. Funding
  3. Naming
  4. Planning


For current information on transportation construction projects in Eugene, please go to www.tripcheck.com or visit the City of Eugene’s project web site .

Construction of the 13th Avenue Bikeway started April 13, 2020.  During construction people biking will need to detour to 12th Avenue. People traveling by vehicle on 13th Avenue should use the temporary traffic signals. 



13th Avenue Bikeway concrete divider being poured.

13th Avenue Bikeway concrete divider construction.

Public Involvement 

  1. Community Meeting #1
  2. Community Meeting #2
  3. Community meeting #3
  4. Project Concept Maps

On December 4, 2013, the first community meeting to discuss transportation options between campus and downtown for people who ride bikes was held at the Eugene Public Library. Participants were presented existing conditions information for three transportation corridors: 11th, 12th, and 13th Avenues. After each corridor was introduced, respondents were asked to describe personal experiences and opinions related to traveling through each corridor.