13th Ave. Public Process History

The construction of a new multifamily housing development in downtown Eugene prompted discussions about mobility options for people traveling between the University of Oregon campus and downtown. Subsequently, City staff committed to conducting a study of biking connections between downtown and campus. The University of Oregon student group, LiveMove, studied what they determined to be the most direct connection between campus and downtown - 13th Avenue. The results of their analysis were compiled into the 13th Avenue Downtown-Campus Corridor Concept Plan which recommends a two-way protected bike lane on 13th Avenue. The LiveMove report has gained community attention including a generous financial offer from private citizens to help fund construction of the facility. The official City of Eugene process to study biking connections between downtown and campus started in mid-2013.

Final Recommendation

City staff recommends making walking and biking improvements along 12th Avenue and 13th Avenue between the University of Oregon Campus and downtown Eugene

 12th Avenue

  • Enhanced crossings
  • Bicycle boulevard treatment
  • Reconstruct and enhance accessway between Willamette Street and Oak Street

13th Avenue

Two-way protected bikeway between Lincoln Street and Alder Street including the following elements:

  • 12-foot wide two-way bikeway on the north side of 13th Avenue
  • Bike signals at all signalized intersections
  • Improved traffic signals including audible pedestrian devices and countdown timers
  • Reductions in parking and travel lanes
  • Construct parking bays to mitigate parking removal where possible
  • Green colorant at intersections and other conflict zones
  • Barrier between cycle track and travel lanes
  • Replace trees removed during construction

Final Project Report

Project Concept Maps

Public Process

On December 4, 2013, the first community meeting to discuss transportation options between campus and downtown for people who ride bikes was held at the Eugene Public Library. Participants were presented existing conditions information for three transportation corridors: 11th, 12th, and 13th Avenues. After each corridor was introduced, respondents were asked to describe personal experiences and opinions related to traveling through each corridor.

A second community meeting was held on April 17, 2014, to discuss improvement options for traveling by bike from campus to downtown.

The final community meeting was help on June 12, 2014, to present draft staff recommendations. Staff took public comments at the meeting and held the public comment period open until July 15, 2014.


Man riding bike on street