Lincoln School Park Renovation


February 2020 Design Process Update

While we are actively pursuing construction documentation of the design, we have encountered some unanticipated site conditions that have necessarily changed our scheduled and project approach.

As a part of the design development process, careful tree root probing work was performed in December 2019 to identify any potential construction constraints. You may have seen the trenches and equipment in the park at that time. The probing process uncovered numerous large 2-8” diameter roots from the large Bigleaf Maples extending just below the sand surface thirty-plus feet to the west of the tree driplines.

Based on discussion and feedback with City of Eugene Urban Forestry staff, Maples of this age are not tolerant of major root disturbance. In addition, these 100 year old mature trees are in the middle of their life span and have not begun to show significant decline. We do not want to negatively impact these trees, as they are a main feature of the park and contribute greatly to the character of the neighborhood.

With this discovery, we are back at the drawing board with the need to revise the plans to accommodate the tree roots. As such, additional time is needed for reworking the construction drawings and we won’t be able to submit them for bid until early next year for construction in the summer of 2021.

Once the design has been updated, we’ll share a revised concept.

In the meantime, we are grateful for your understanding and are sorry for the delay. In the big picture, the preservation of these Bigleaf Maple trees and character of Lincoln School Park will be prioritized and ensure a beautiful park now and for years to come.

Current Design Concept

Based on feedback received from Workshops #1-3, Surveys #1-3, staff review and budget estimates, we have come up with a concept as shown in the link below. Thanks to everyone who provided input!

The adult exercise area has been relocated in order to provide greater separation from the play area and to eliminate impact on the mature maples. There has been some interest in placing the equipment closer to the street for joggers. This equipment area location will also provide some backup for loose basketballs rolling into the street. There will not be any seating associated with this area and it should not be a factor for additional noise at night.

In order to stay within our budget, the sand play and adult exercise areas are currently optional and may or may not be included in the final construction.

Based on the overall feedback for this neighborhood park, we will not be including a concrete ping pong table, outdoor cell phone charging station or setup for a badminton net. We will try to keep as much irrigated green turf space open as possible for freestanding nets or general use for other informal play. 

See the Current Design Concept

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For more information, please contact:

Pamayla Bowers, Landscape Designer