Lincoln School Park Renovation


December 2020 Project Update

The Lincoln School Park renovation work has been scheduled for next summer and we hope to be completed by Fall 2021!

We reported previously that as a part of the construction drawing development process, careful root probing uncovered numerous large, 2-8” diameter roots from the mature Bigleaf Maples. The roots extend just below the sand surface, up to thirty-plus feet beyond the tree’s driplines. As a main feature of the park that contributes to the character of the neighborhood, we don’t want to negatively impact these trees. We therefore had to delay construction until we could rework our plan to preserve the trees.

Revised concept drawing based on our findings:

revised design for lincoln park

This may be tweaked further during the construction drawing phase, but the general location of the elements will be as shown in this concept layout.

  • To minimize impact to the tree roots, we have reduced the size of the playground and eliminated the walk on the north side of it.
  • The new walk along the west and south perimeters of the park will move forward as planned.
  • We will reduce the large berms as much as possible and extend the community garden fence into the southwest corner for safety and visibility.
  • Benches, lights, a drinking fountain, bike racks, a park sign, a bistro table or two and possibly a small adult exercise area (if the budget allows) will be included in the renovation.
  • We will continue the garden theme by adding espaliered dwarf fruit trees and blueberry bushes at the garden fence.
  • An irrigation system will be installed so the turf will stay green throughout the summer months for passive recreation.

Thanks for your patience and support. Check the website for updates. We look forward to seeing you next year!

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For more information, please contact:
Pamayla Bowers, Landscape Designer