Lincoln School Park Renovation


It’s time to renovate Lincoln School Park!

Web Survey #3 - Click here to take the survey

Thank you to those that attended the second workshop to review the final concept in person. This survey will be open until Wednesday, September 12. 

Web Survey #1

Survey Report

The web survey was held from 11/7/2017 through 12/9/2017 and was taken by 51 community members.  Survey results indicated that the most important current uses of the Lincoln School Park are the community gardens, enjoying nature, use of the playground and traveling through the park on the existing north-south path.

Safety was the most common underlying goal for the park to try to limit the illicit use and the overnight camping. There were helpful solutions to make this happen like opening the site lines to the back of the park by eliminating the berms, extending the community gardens into the back SW corner of the park to eliminate a hiding spot, and adding lighting and signage to the park if feasible. 

Overall improvements to existing features included an upgrade to the garden fence and extending irrigation to any new plots.  Play area renovation was a common suggestion by removing the sand, adding updated play equipment and possibly a sand play area. A walkway around the play area and ADA accessibility were mentioned as positive improvements. It was also suggested that improvement of the turf area and basketball courts will bring in more positive activity.  Irrigation installation is a way to green up the turf area to make the park look less abandoned. A small piece of art or some feature to make Lincoln School Park distinctive was also suggested.

Workshop #1

The first workshop was held on Tuesday, November 7th at the Unitarian Universalist Church. We had nearly 20 people in attendance. It was a very productive meeting! We discussed the sand area, the playground equipment, safety surfacing, and the community garden layout with a possible extension. We also discussed the state of the maple trees and basketball court.  Many attendees were concerned about safety and security in the park.  We talked about lighting and clear site lines to get rid of any hiding places. It was suggested to call the police non-emergency number to report any incidents or safety issues at Lincoln School Park. We talked about adding new benches and probably a walkway around the park and revised play area.

Workshop Report 

For additional info contact Pam Symond Project Manager with the City of Eugene Parks Planning office at 541-682-4913.