Native Plant Nursery

Enhancing Plant Communities

The work done at the Alton Baker Native Plant Nursery (NPN) protects and enhances the diversity of native plant communities within the City of Eugene natural areas and restoration sites by producing genetically local native plant material. It provides the community an opportunity to learn about the value of native plants through volunteer activities and internship opportunities. 


The Native Plant Nursery was built in 2006 and operations began in earnest in 2007. The first few years were spent in getting seed beds up and running, collecting and sowing seeds for grow-out to plugs, setting up the seed shed for the cleaning and storage of seeds, and working with volunteers to assist in all aspects of nursery production and operations. Out of that strong ground work, the program has continued to successfully produce plant material for City of Eugene natural areas.

Into the WildMap showing plantings of material from the native plant nursery

In 2017, 10 City-owned natural areas received plant material grown at the Native Plant Nursery. (Click map to enlarge)

2017 yield by the numbers:

  • Varieties grown - 50 species
  • Seed produced - 30 pounds
  • Plants to sites - 4,000
  • Seed disbursed - 13 pounds
  • Potted plants sown - 1,500
  1. Volunteers
  2. Internship

The Native Plant Nursery is primarily run by volunteer community members who are actively participating in the full cycle of habitat restoration. Volunteers help with a variety of duties, including: all methods of plant propagation and maintenance, grounds maintenance, infrastructure construction, and seed collection and cleaning.

Join us every Friday for a volunteer work party from 1 pm - 4 pm with Kelsey Irvine, Native Plant Volunteer Coordinator. See the calendar of events for more volunteer opportunities.


538 Day Island Rd, within Alton Baker Park

Native Plant Nursery Map