2,021 for 2021


The Urban Forestry permitting program has been temporarily paused for work that is not related to construction. This includes pruning, removal and planting permits. Permitting will likely resume in the fall. Urban Forestry will still be addressing hazard trees and emergency requests. If you have questions, please contact 541-682-4800.


At this time, non-hazard inspection requests are experiencing delays of more than 48 hours. We appreciate your patience and will respond to requests as soon as possible.

Skinner Butte View

Project Update

With a tree-mendous response from the community, we have already exceeded our goal of planting 2021 giant sequoias. We have concluded the planting part of this initiative and send a big thank you to those who have contributed to the success of this project.

A Growing Opportunity for Our Community

In 2021*, Eugene will welcome the World Athletics Championships and thousands of visitors from across the globe will get to experience our wonderful Willamette Valley. As one of the many projects the City of Eugene will be doing to offset the carbon footprint associated of such a large event, Parks launched an initiative to plant 2,021 giant sequoia trees by 2021.

While working hard to clean the air, the giant sequoia also make our community more attractive, livable and prosperous. They were planted in shared public areas such as parks and street medians, as well as in private spaces like schools, local businesses and homes.

The 2,021 for 2021 project will boost our urban forest and turn hosting the championships into a more sustainable opportunity for the southern Willamette Valley.

Why Giant Sequoias?

Giant sequoia grow quickly and are low maintenance because they are resistant to drought, wind, flooding, fire, and damage. This species is especially efficient at carbon sequestration - cleaning the air by capturing carbon from the environment. Compared to the average medium tree as defined by the EPA, over ten years a giant sequoia is 184% more effective at carbon sequestration.

Providing for Future Generations

What we plant today will be enjoyed, respected, and relied upon by those in our community decades from now. These trees will become legacies in our community and will help commemorate the event, as well as reduce our carbon footprint.

*The World Athletics Championships have been rescheduled to 2022