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A Growing Opportunity for TrackTown

The IAAF World Track and Field Championships are coming to Eugene in 2021. The City of Eugene is looking to offset carbon emissions produced from the event itself, associated tourist activity and city preparations. By planting 2,021 giant sequoia trees, the City will bolster green infrastructure and turn hosting this event into a sustainable opportunity.

Eugene could see a minimum of 241,000 visitors over the 10-day event.

The giant sequoia will make the city more attractive, livable and prosperous. Trees will be sited in areas where they won’t compete with existing natural systems. They will be planted in public areas such as parks and street medians, as well as in private areas like schools, homes and local businesses. Planting will begin in the Spring of 2018.

The Olympic Trials held at Hayward in 2016 is estimated to have produced

35,223,214 lbs of CO2

With 2,021 trees after 65 years, we expect to sequester

40,000,000+ lbs of CO2

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Giant sequoias will require less maintenance from the City because they are resistant to drought, wind, flooding, fire, and damage. Additionally, this species is especially efficient at carbon sequestration - the capturing of carbon from the environment. Compared to the average medium tree as defined by the EPA, over ten years a giant sequoia is 184% more effective at CO2 sequestration.

Providing for Future Generations

What we plant today will be enjoyed, respected, and relied upon by those in our community decades from now.  These trees will become legacies in our community and will help commemorate the event, as well as reduce our carbon footprint.