Franklin Boulevard Transformation

Graphic of a street with all transportation modes, individuals walking, biking, waiting for a bus

As the city of Eugene grows, so too does its transportation needs. Over the past century, Franklin Boulevard has undergone major changes and continues to evolve. Once a dirt road, it grew to be paved, to include railroad tracks for Southern Pacific, to have those tracks removed and relocated, to be widened into a four-lane superhighway, and then to include the EmX. 

Currently, the City of Eugene is working hard to transform Franklin Boulevard once more so that it becomes a street that is pleasant, accessible, and safe for people using all modes of transportation. This could include protected bikeways, pedestrian paths, and efficient public transit.  

Franklin Blvd Through the Years


Franklin Blvd Transformation Factsheet


Project Timeline

The project planning and design phase is anticipated to take place January through November 2019.

Design Discovery Workshop #1:

January 28th - 31st, 2019

A four-day workshop where the City will gather community feedback and incorporate it into an initial design concept for a transformed Franklin Boulevard.

Project Alternatives Evaluation and Screening:

February - May 2019

Following the first design workshop, project alternatives will be developed.

Design Refinement Workshop #2:
May 2019
A second workshop will present the project alternatives to the community so that they may benefit from community input and be revised.

Project Alternatives Design and Refinement:
May - August 2019
Following the second design workshop, project alternatives will be refined and evaluated for a final design concept.

Corridor Analysis and Recommendation Report:
August - November 2019
A report presenting the final analysis of the opportunities and constraints involved with transforming Franklin Boulevard, as well as final recommendations for how to design and implement an updated Franklin Boulevard.