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Oregon Laws: Walk, Bike, Skate

New Oregon Law: Bikes Yield at Stop Signs

In January 2020, the Oregon Senate Bill 998 passed, allowing people biking to treat stop signs and blinking red lights as a yield sign. As long as you have the right of way, you can slow down to yield, then bike through the intersection. People biking must still come to a full stop at stop lights.

New Bike Law: Yield at Stop Signs

Eugene Laws: Walk, Bike, Skate

Eugene Electric Assisted Bicycles Laws

People may ride an electric assisted bicycle on off-street paths with the electric motor engaged except within the East Alton Baker Park Plan boundary.  It is illegal to ride electric assisted bicycles on sidewalks in Oregon.

Eugene Skateboard Laws 

There are several locations where skateboarding on sidewalks is prohibited including downtown Eugene and near the University of Oregon. Skateboarding in the street is prohibited except when crossing the street in a crosswalk or at a right angle. City Code Chapter 5.450.

Downtown Eugene No-Sidewalk-Riding Zone

No person may ride a skateboard or bicycle on any sidewalk with the area bounded by the eastern sidewalk along Lincoln Street between 8th and 13th Avenues, the northern sidewalk along 8th Avenue between Lincoln and Pearl Streets, on either side of Willamette Street between 7th and 8th Avenues, the eastern sidewalk along Pearl Street between 8th and 13th Avenues, on either side of Broadway between Pearl and High Streets, and on the northern sidewalk along 13th Avenue between Pearl and Lincoln Streets.

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Eugene By Cycle: Safety Tips and Tricks

A handy guide with safety tips, laws, tricks, and resources for getting around Eugene by bicycle. 

Pick up a free copy at the City of Eugene Transportation office at 99 E. Broadway, 4th Floor, or download a PDF copy.

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