Building Fees

Several types of fees can be collected during the construction or remodel of a building:
  • Building Fees/Schedules

     Building fees pay for the review of construction plans, issuance of permits, and inspection of projects for compliance with the approved plans. National, State and local building and land use requirements are included in these services.
  • System Development Charges (SDCs)

    SDCs are one-time fees assessed during the construction phase of development projects that will increase the impacts on existing stormwater, wastewater, transportation and parks systems. Detailed information about SDC rates, calculations and payment options is available on our SDC page.
  • School District Construction Excise Tax (CET)

    Under Oregon law (SB 1036), school districts are allowed to collect a CET on developments within their district boundaries to fund a portion of the cost of new or expanded school facilities. Bethel School District is currently the only district within Eugene that assesses a CET, Eugene District 4J does not.
Information is available to help you determine the fees that will apply to your project, including: