Transportation Methodology Update

The City's current Transportation methodology was adopted in 2004. Since that time, the City has adopted the Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan and the 2035 Transportation System Plan (TSP). These plans provide the foundation for the City's transportation infrastructure, goals, and policies that will support an economically vital, healthy, and equitable community as the community develops. The City is proposing updates to its Transportation SDC methodology to help meet these Plan goals of compact development and efficient transportation options.

The proposed Transportation updates include:
• Modifications to the City's Transportation SDC Methodology, Appendix B
• Revisions to the General SDC Methodology and Appendices A and F
• A new capital improvements project list (Transportation SDC Project Plan)
• New incentives which will promote compact development and efficient transportation options

The proposed SDC modifications will be processed according to Eugene Code. A public hearing is scheduled for June 18, 2018, at 7:30PM at Harris Hall, 125 E 8th Avenue.

Modifications to SDC General Methodologies and Appendices

Click on the links below to view the proposed modifications.

Transportation SDC Project Plan

The 2035 TSP includes a list of capital improvements to the city's transportation systems that are needed to increase transportation choices, improve safety for all street users, provide for more reliable transit on key corridors, and reduce reliance on the automobile by better accommodating and encouraging travel by foot and bike for short trips. Based upon this list, and per ORS 223.309 requirements, the City is proposing to adopt a new Transportation SDC Project Plan. The Project Plan will include a list of the capital improvements that the City intends to fund, in whole or in part, with revenues from improvement fees collected through Transportation SDCs.

Click on the link above to view the proposed Project Plan.

New Incentives

Click on this Transportation SDC Incentive Map link to view an interactive map showing the proposed location and transit proximity incentive areas. 

  • Once the map opens, you may click on a property of interest to view the proposed potential SDC reductions for that property. 
  • An additional reduction may be available if the property fronts along a Key Corridor.

As part of the methodology update for Transportation System Development Charges (SDCs), Public Works staff have been working with Planning staff to propose SDC reductions that will support our community vision. Our community vision, developed through Envision Eugene, includes compact growth around key corridors and downtown, in addition to affordable housing options. Compact development protects our farm and forest land, and promotes healthy, safe, walkable neighborhoods. It also lowers transportation costs and the time we spend traveling from place to place. Many barriers to compact development exist in Eugene, so we need incentives to realize our vision. These incentives implement Council direction from 2012 to reduce System Development Charges for projects along key corridors and downtown, as well as for secondary dwellings and smaller/attached housing types. In addition to a 50% waiver for Secondary Dwelling Units, the following incentives have been proposed for compact, transit- oriented development:

Proposed Incentive Matrix

Questions or comments? Contact the SDC staff at