Mayor's Art Show

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Mayor’s Art Show

August 7-September 4, 2020

The Mayor’s Art Show (MAS) is part of a larger celebration of contemporary visual art, artists and the City’s public spaces. MAS celebrates local artists, art production and champions the visual arts. MAS recognizes the accomplishments of artists who are committed to enriching their communities through visual arts. Our intention is to cultivate diversity, equity, and access to the visual arts and artists. We envision a city of citizens whose success, safety and health are not pre-determined by their race, class, sexual orientation, gender, age, mental or physical ability.

In response to COVID-19, we are carefully considering the health and well-being of the community. The Mayor’s Art Show and Salon des Refusés are pivoting to online exhibitions to accommodate recommendations and requirements for community gatherings and safety.

Satellite art installations of selected artworks will be featured in vignettes of Mayor’s Art Show to be enjoyed at a safe distance throughout the city (TBD).

Congratulations 2020 Mayor’s Art Show Artists

Kathleen Caprario, Alexandra Cipolle, Amrita Dutia, Amy Turrell, Asante Riverwind, Bets Cole, David Placencia, Eleanor Soleil, Elly Tabala Cummens, Erika Milo, Janine Etherington, Joseph  Lieberman, Karen Lee, Karen Russo, Karin Clarke, Kerry Weeks, Kit Sibert, Krista Raasch,  Kum Ja Lee, Larry Hurst, Linda Devenow, Lynn Czaban, M.V.  Moran, Marjorie Taylor, Max Rink, Melissa Nolledo, Michael Cross, Michael Whitenack, Michael Maruska, Perry Johnson, Rachel McClain Browne, Rafael Sebba, Rebecca Mannheimer, Rob Varela, Sandra Honda, Sarah Ciampa, Sarah Grew, Shelley Gaske, Shelly Fredenberg, Stormie Loury, Susan Detroy, Taghrid Alghadban, Tallmadge Doyle, Vicki Krohn Amorose

“I’m excited about the breadth of work we have, that reflects the culture of this city. I was really pushing for work that engaged the world around it, I think that of all moments to advocate for art that questions, subverts, and challenges - it’s this moment." - Jam Jessie Allison, MAS Juror 2020

  1. Timeline
  2. Jurors
  3. Salon des Refusés
  4. The Fine Print

June 18: Call ends, 10 p.m. Pacific Standard Time Zone.

July 1-7: Artists notified of jury decision.

July 25-26: Artwork photo session.

August 7: MAS, Salon des Refusés + Eugene Biennial Award Winners Online Exhibitions Openings

August 14: MAS, Salon des Refusés + Eugene Biennial Award Winners Closing (Awards announced)

For questions email Chanin Santiago