Public Projects

Town Square

The city seeks to implement the community’s vision of Eugene’s City Hall, the Lane County Farmers’ Market, and  Eugene’s Park Blocks. The projects will benefit the immediate neighborhood and the broader community by locating efficient and accessible government services, providing a permanent location for a year-round public farmers’ market, creating a central gathering space, and strengthening 8th Avenue as a connection to the river.

UD Town Square

Franklin Blvd Transformation

The City of Eugene is working hard to transform Franklin Boulevard into a street that is  pleasant, accessible, and safe for people using all modes of transportation. This could include protected bikeways, pedestrian paths, and efficient public transit. The Urban Design Team is providing design guidance to help realize the community's vision for an attractive, safe, and vibrant corridor that is welcoming for all users.

UD Franklin Blvd

Downtown Riverfront Park

One of the priorities the City heard most clearly in talking to the community about the future of parks and recreation in Eugene, is providing access to the river – for everything from recreation to simply enjoying the views. The 4-acre Downtown Riverfront Park will be the heart of the greater riverfront development that reimagines a new, vibrant future and will, once again, unite our city with the river.

Riverfront Park

Downtown Riverfront Steam Plant

The oldest standing structure on the Downtown Riverfront property, the Steam Plant has the potential to connect Eugene's future to its past. As part of the Downtown Riverfront Redevelopment, its unique position as an icon of Eugene’s industrial past calls for the plant to be preserved and re-purposed as an active development at the east end of the Downtown Riverfront property.

Steam Plant

The River Road Corridor Study

The Urban Design team collaborates with Planning staff and the community to implement the community's vision of the River Road and Santa Clara neighborhoods. A key goal of the Plan is to improve River Road, the major street that connects these neighborhoods to central Eugene. As one of the major routes in the Eugene area, River Road is important to neighborhood residents, the Eugene-Springfield community, and regional travelers.

UD River Road Corridor

8th Ave Streetscape

As part of the City of Eugene’s Downtown Plan, community members identified 8th Avenue (from Willamette Street to the Willamette River) as a “great street.” The Urban Design team works with Public Works and community members to help realize that vision and ensure that our great streets are equitable, safe, and beautiful.

UD 8th Ave

Neighborhood Plans

The Urban Design team aims to ensure that neighborhood plans and visions are realized in the built environment and achieve the desired outcomes. Design input may include developing form-based codes, testing vision concepts, creating renderings and other implementation, analysis and design needs.

UD Neighborhood Plans

Tactical Urbanism

This term is used to describe quick, often temporary, and inexpensive projects that aim to make a small part of a city more lively or enjoyable. They have grown in popularity in recent years as easy to implement projects that improve the urban environment. Our Urban Design team collaborates with numerous departments, stakeholders, and community members to implement safe and vibrant tactical urbanism projects.


Private Developments

Design Consultation

Our Urban Design team is pleased to offer Design Consultation services to assist in identifying opportunities for development projects to respond to the urban context in a way that is emblematic of Eugene’s most important values. We can help realize a project’s potential and save time by helping start a project off on the right track.

UD Design Consultations


The Multi-Unit Property Tax Exemption (MUPTE) is a tool that can shift a proposed housing development to financial feasibility. The Urban Design Team collaborates with city staff and developers to ensure that projects utilize a place-based approach to align with existing contextual development patterns and are of high-quality. In Eugene, the City Council has authorized the use of MUPTE in the downtown area.


Downtown Riverfront Development

Fulfilling the community’s long-held vision of turning a vacant, inaccessible and empty riverfront lot into a vibrant, active, and accessible riverfront neighborhood and community destination is currently underway. 16 acres of riverfront property will become Eugene’s riverfront neighborhood – directly connecting our downtown and campus areas to the river and creating more access points for the community to enjoy.

Downtown Riverfront Development

Knight Campus Pedestrian Bridge

As part of the University of Oregon's $1 billion Phil & Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact, the center's pedestrian bridge serves the school's science buildings that sit on both sides of Franklin Blvd. Our Urban Design team collaborated with city transportation engineers and Campus Planning Staff to ensure the development of a safe and beautiful piece of infrastructure.

UD Knight Campus Bridge