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New Online Permit Portal

Our new online permit portal is live for commuter parking permit customers in all parking locations.

NOTICE:  Commuter Permit Parking Zone 40

Please note: Administrative Order No. 53-19-05 repeals Administrative Order No. 53-19-03 regarding the Commuter Permit Parking Zone 40. Under U.A. 53-19-05 Zone 40 is expanded to the northeast part of downtown. The public has an opportunity to comment for thirty (30) days as of the publication of this notice. 

Administrative Order No. 53-19-05 

Parking Locations

  • 13th & Olive Garage
  • Overpark Garage 
  • Parcade Garage 
  • Broadway North Garage 
  • Broadway South Garage 
  • Hult Center Garage
  • Muni Court Garage (Staff Only)
  • Pearl Street Garage
  • City Hall Surface Lot
  • Ferry Street Bridge Surface Lot
  • MGP Surface Lot
  • Municipal Court Surface Lot
  • Butterfly Lot
  • Zone C-Commuter 
  • Zone D-Commuter 
  • Zone 40-Commuter

Please note: Most locations have a wait list. Registering adds your name to the wait list if you are not already a current permit customer at that location.

Purchase Your Permit

Steps to Purchase Your Permit

  1. Create an account on the IPS Permit Portal
    Detailed Instructions: How To Register [PDF]
  2. Select the permit type you wish to purchase
    1. Individual or corporate instructions:
      How to Purchase a Permit [PDF]
    2. Rideshare parking instructions:
      How to Purchase Rideshare Permit [PDF]
    3. City of Eugene and Lane County employee payroll deduction instructions:
      How to Purchase Payroll Deduction Parking Permit [PDF]