Buy A Commuter Parking Permit

New Online Permit Portal

Our new online permit portal is live for commuter parking permit customers in all parking locations.

Parking Locations

  • 13th & Olive Garage
  • Overpark Garage 
  • Parcade Garage 
  • Broadway North Garage 
  • Broadway South Garage 
  • Hult Center Garage
  • Muni Court Garage (Staff Only)
  • Pearl Street Garage
  • City Hall Surface Lot
  • Ferry Street Bridge Surface Lot
  • MGP Surface Lot
  • Municipal Court Surface Lot
  • Butterfly Lot
  • Zone C-Commuter 
  • Zone D-Commuter 
  • Zone 40-Commuter

Please note: Most locations have a wait list. Registering adds your name to the wait list if you are not already a current permit customer at that location.

Purchase Your Permit

Steps to Purchase Your Permit

  1. Create an account on the IPS Permit Portal
    Detailed Instructions: How To Register [PDF]
  2. Select the permit type you wish to purchase
    1. Individual or corporate instructions:
      How to Purchase a Permit [PDF]
    2. Rideshare parking instructions:
      How to Purchase Rideshare Permit [PDF]
    3. City of Eugene and Lane County employee payroll deduction instructions:
      How to Purchase Payroll Deduction Parking Permit [PDF]