Commuter Parking


All city garages are FREE on Saturday and Sunday, except for event parking.

Downtown Hourly Off-Street 

  • $1.20 per hour
  • All-day rates: $8.00 per day

Downtown On-Street Meters

  • $1.35 per hour

Campus On-Street Meters

  • $2.00 per hour 

Additional Rates

  • Bicycle locker annual fee: $60

View the Administrative Order regulating these parking rates.

Purchase a commuter permit via the Permit Portal at

Garage Rates

Locate Parking Garages with our Interactive Parking Zone Map.

LocationAddressMonthly Rideshare
Broadway North

Broadway South900 Charnelton St.$60.00*
Overpark1000 E. 10th Ave.$70.00*
Pearl Street170 E. 10th Ave.$68.00*
Parcade35 W. 8th Ave.$60.00*
Hult Center1 Eugene Center$54.00*
13th & Olive1180 Willamette St.$39.00N/A

*Rideshare is 50% of monthly rate

Surface Lots

Locate surface lots with our Interactive Parking Zone Map.

Location AddressMonthlyRideshare
1060 Olive1060 Olive St.$100.00N/A
Municipal Court
1102 Lincoln St.
City Hall829 Pearl St.$60.00*
Train Depot433 Willamette St.$100.00N/A
Ferry Street Bridge

Riverfront 4th & Mill

*Rideshare is 50% of monthly rate

On-Street Parking Rates

Locate on-street commuter zones with our Interactive Parking Zone Map.

Zone C - Commuter$55.00/month
Zone D - Commuter$75.00/month
Zone 40 - Commuter$55.00/month