BRIDGE Exhibitions

BRIDGE Exhibitions

Contemporary Art

The City of Eugene’s BRIDGE Exhibitions, creates opportunities for innovative, contemporary art projects, pieces and experiences that explore, express or reflect social, personal, political or ecological issues of the times. Artists and organizations engage in conversation with curator, Lillian Almeida, to effectively place locally generated contemporary art projects in the public eye.

These works activate public spaces and highlight artists and arts organizations that creatively contribute to the current discourse in our community and beyond.

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    Lillian Almeida, 
    BRIDGE Exhibitions Curator
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Lillian Almeida

Lillian Almeida has been a working artist for as long as she can remember. Through more than 30 years working and teaching classes in her various art studios she has maintained a passionate interest in fostering greater connections among local artists and finding the resources that will grow their practices. Since moving to Lane County in 1995 she has built a network to help her further art. She is a founding member of Art City Eugene and the brainchild behind BRIDGE Exhibitions, which debuts this summer during the Visual Arts Festival. The founding principal behind BRIDGE is providing support for contemporary art in Eugene to grow. She believes contemporary art needs a team, long-term support and collaboration, and BRIDGE seeks to connect the gap between what contemporary art is and the public.