BRIDGE Exhibitions

Artwork by BRIDGE Curator Lillian Almeida

BRIDGE Exhibitions

Contemporary Art

The City of Eugene’s BRIDGE Exhibitions, creates opportunities for innovative, contemporary art projects, pieces or experiences that explore, express or reflect the social, personal, political or ecological issues of the times.

Artists and organizations engage in conversation with curator, Lillian Almeida, to effectively place locally generated contemporary art projects in the public eye.

These works activate public spaces and highlight artists and arts organizations that creatively contribute to the current discourse in our community and beyond.

BRIDGE Summer 2018

July 27 - August 5

Bahramf Mockli

Projects for BRIDGE Summer 2018 creatively utilize outdoor areas in the vicinity of the Hult Center for the Performing Arts, the ePark structure and  breezeway between 7th and 8th streets, including the sidewalk level walk-through corridor.

Artists: Farhad Bahram and Shannon Mockli

Sponsoring Organization: Art City

Artists: Leah Wilson and Kate Ali with Gray Space members
Sponsoring Organization: Gray Space
Whiteaker Community Art Team

Artists: Valentina Gonzalez, Josh Sands, Dain Kaldahl

Sponsoring Organization: Whiteaker Community Art Team (WCAT)

Artist: Jessilyn Brinkerhoff

Sponsoring Organization: Lane Arts Council

Artist: Junwei

Sponsoring Organization: Imagination International