Housing Tools and Strategies


Housing affordability and availability is a long-standing and growing problem in Eugene. There is a need for a comprehensive, coordinated approach that considers the spectrum of tools and strategies available to the City to promote more housing affordability, availability, and diversity.

At the May 30, 2018 Work Session, Eugene City Council passed a motion to have staff implement a process to identify barriers to housing affordability, availability, and diversity, and to suggest, evaluate, and recommend possible strategies and tools to address the barriers. The project recommendations are due to Council on December 10, 2018.

Project Overview

The City is contracting with a consultant to facilitate Housing Tools and Strategies working group discussions. There will be four meetings to hold focused conversations about barriers to housing and identify tools and strategies. The City is also contracting with an economist to evaluate existing and potential tools and strategies to further inform City decision-making. For more information, please see the project charter.

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Working Group Meetings:

The Housing Tools and Strategies working group will meet four times. The meetings will be held at the Baker Downtown Center from 5:30-8:30 p.m. on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, September 12
  • Thursday, October 4
  • Wednesday, November 14
  • Wednesday, November 28

The working group meetings are open to the public and anyone who is interested is welcome to attend and listen. After each meeting, materials and a summary of the discussion will be posted below. Community feedback and questions regarding the working group meetings may be provided through an online form that will  be posted following each meeting. The feedback and questions will be summarized by the facilitator and shared with the working group at the following meeting.

Past Meeting Materials:

Working Group Meeting 1: September 12, 2018

The Housing Tools and Strategies working group held their first meeting with 30 of the participants in attendance. Mayor Lucy Vinis attended the meeting and welcomed our volunteer working group participants. There was robust conversation from multiple vantage points representing housing advocacy, developers/builders, neighborhoods, young professionals, and housing consumers across all income levels.

The group explored the challenges around housing including who's impacted and how and identified broader community impacts beyond those directly impacted. The group identified housing as a "wicked problem" with tensions and trade-offs between competing values and needs. They also explored the deep complexity of the problem, and it became clear that the barriers to housing are more than financial.

September 12, 2018 Meeting Materials:

Housing as Wicked Problem

Working Group Meeting 2: October 4, 2018

The Housing Tools and Strategies working group met for the second time on October 4, 2018. Mayor Lucy Vinis welcomed the group members and thanked them for their continued service to this issue and our community, and then stayed for the entire meeting. At the October 4th meeting, the working group:

  • Completed work towards “Telling the Story” of housing affordability, availability, and diversity, which included:
    • Identifying challenges to creating housing supply and;
    • Creating a list of what they love about Eugene and why they continue to choose to live here.
  • Identified interests. (watch the recording to better understand what separates an interest from an option, begins at 01:08:00 and lasts approximately 4 minutes)
  • Brainstormed a list of options. The right-hand column shows the potential solutions the working group participants identified as needing more explanation, data or evaluation.
  • Reviewed a list of options and ideas from Strategic Economics who is providing technical information and analysis.

We invite community members to watch the video, review meeting notes (Thank you to the working group note takers), and please submit feedback regarding meeting 2 by Tuesday, November 6. This feedback will be summarized by the facilitator, shared with the working group and made available online. At the November 14th meeting, the group will review new information about the options so far and begin deliberations and discussion to better understand and evaluate them.

October 4, 2018 Meeting Materials:

Working Group Participants

A diverse group of stakeholders with broad perspectives in housing affordability, equity, development barriers, and community values has been assembled as a working group.
  • Aimee Walsh
  • Alyssa Powell
  • Amy Bradbury
  • Anne Delaney
  • Betsy Schultz
  • Caleb Peterson
  • Carmel Snyder
  • Carolyn Jacobs
  • Chris Parra
  • Claudia Orozco
  • Dan Hill
  • Dan Neal
  • Dan Straub
  • David Saez
  • Deborah Dailey
  • Ed McMahon
  • Eliza Kashinsky
  • Emily Reiman
  • Eric Richardson
  • Isaac Judd
  • Jacob Fox
  • John VanLandingham
  • Kaarin Knudson
  • Lisa Fragala
  • Mark Miksis
  • Mel Bankoff
  • Norton Cabell
  • Pat Hocken
  • Regina Perry
  • Roman Anderson
  • Ron Bevirt
  • Susan Ban
  • Tai Pruce-Zimmerman
  • Ted Coopman
  • Terri Harding
  • Tiffany Edwards

Percentage by Ward:

  • Ward 1: 19%
  • Ward 2: 13%
  • Ward 3: 6%
  • Ward 4: 13%
  • Ward 5: 6%
  • Ward 6:13%
  • Ward 7: 19%
  • Ward 8: 10%

Other Meetings:

Eugene City Council: December 10, 2018 (tentatively scheduled)

Past Meeting Materials:

Additional Information:

Housing Affordability Graphic Displaying Income Brackets of Common Job Types in Eugene