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WEEK 1: Career Purpose Introduction

Stretch Your Thoughts About Career Wellbeing

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Career Wellbeing

Do you like what you do each day?

According to Gallup, “this might be the most basic, yet important, wellbeing question we can ask ourselves – yet only 20% of people can give a strong ‘yes’ in response.”

Thriving in career wellbeing means finding fulfillment and meaning in your daily work.

It’s also about engagement, interest, identity, enjoyment, stress, connectedness, contributing your strengths, and growth.

Here are three recommendations for Boosting Career Wellbeing: 

  1. Every day, use your strengths.
  2. Identify someone with a shared mission who encourages your growth. Spend more time with this person.
  3. Opt into more social time with the people and teams you enjoy being around at work.

Engage all month by sharing what brings you joy and purpose with your colleagues!

We want to create low-stress ways of engaging with colleagues around career wellbeing. For the month of July, please add one of these templates to your email signature (instructions included) as a prompt to share what you love about your work, your values, how you find purpose, or resources that inspire you. It’s easy to identify yourself as part of the wellbeing movement, and share purpose and inspiration with others!

If you want to engage and email is not a regular part of your work (or if you do but just love buttons), check out these button templates, pick one and let us know what you’d like on it! We’ll send you one to wear. (Send your button request to Erin Finot at x5632 or

Feel free to use these graphics to engage with colleagues around career wellbeing in any other way you think of!


What you can expect for the rest of the month

For the rest of the month, we will be highlighting some colleagues across the city and asking them to share their perspective on career wellbeing and what brings them purpose.

Also look out for:

A values exercise

Info on career development planning

Career wellbeing resources, including benefits, activities, and training opportunities

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