Beyond the Finish Line: 2021 Stories

2021 Beyond the Finish Line

What's Your 2021? 

At the City of Eugene, there has been a lot of talk about how the IAAF World Championships Oregon21 present our community with an incredibly unique opportunity to set ourselves apart from the rest of the world and to, in fact, Inspire The World. Knowing that, we are taking the opportunity to ask ourselves, "What does 2021 mean for you?" The answers we have received are not only inspiring, they are engaging, creative, and real. Read more about the people in our organization who are taking this idea and making a difference.

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2021 Stories

  1. Young boy sprinting at a track meet

    Laurel Mathiesen: A Recreation Legacy

    “It allows us to encourage all people to draw inspiration from the athletes and live healthy, active lives.”

    Read more in May 2019 Newsletter

  2. Rendering of riverfront event plaza

    Emily Proudfoot: Riverfront Park

    “My vision has always been that the stories of this place be told through experiential art… it’s going to be a wonderful and uniquely Eugene Riverfront Park experience.”

    Read more in April 2019 Newsletter

  3. February 2019 Beyond the Finish Line article about Steam Plant Developments

    Amanda D'Souza: Steam Plant Developments 

    "The process for selecting the team was an out-of-the-box strategy that aligns with how the City is approaching preparations for 2021."  

    Read more in February 2019 Newsletter

  4. Water filling stations allow event goers to fill their own water bottles

    Ethan Nelson: Responsible Sport

    "Eugene has been leading this effort for a long time and it only made sense to share our best practices with other communities across the nation."  

    Read more in January 2019 Newsletter

  5. City Manager Jon Ruiz talks about forward thinking and 202X

    Jon Ruiz: Forward Thinking for 202X

    "We must consistently operate in the 'now' with an eye on the trends that will shape our 'later'."  

    Read more in November 2018 Newsletter

  1. One of the new murals created in Eugene as part of the 20x21 EUG Mural Project

    Isaac Marquez: 20x21 Mural Project

    "Bringing international artists here has been such a powerful mirror for our community: what gets reflected to them is how we interact with each other. This is a depiction of our true values."

    Read more in October 2018 Newsletter

  2. A representative of local government talks with a supplier at the September 2018 Supplier Summit

    Abby Alway: Leading from the Purchasing Office

    "When you can make a purchase that isn’t just cost-based, but ‘values-based’ instead, you have a chance to be more innovative and more inclusive, and that directly aligns with City values."

    Read more in September 2018 Newsletter

  3. A member of the City's Urban Forestry team waters giant sequoias that will be planted in anticipa

    Sean O'Brien: 2,021 for 2021 Tree Planting

    "The team is proud to be part of something that has a lasting impact. Combined with the intrigue around the sequoias themselves, knowing they’ll be here when we are gone, it’s a meaningful way to acknowledge this event and contribute to future generations."

    Read more in August 2018 Newsletter

  4. Public Works Manager Sarah Medary tries to high five City Manager Jon Ruiz

    Sarah Medary: 2,021 High Fives

    "I want to inspire you to engage with 2021 in whatever form makes sense to you. Not every effort has to be printed in the Register Guard to make an impact on you or your teams. I’m going to give out 2,021 more high fives than I would have had I not been inspired to just pick something. I have more high fives to give than the City has employees, which means a lot of gratitude is spreading around."

    Read more in July 2018 Newsletter


What inspires you to engage with 2021? Reach out with an idea, to chat about a potential project, or to brainstorm a new way to collaborate. Contact Stephanie Scafa: or 541-682-5652. We can do great things together!