Housing and Human Service Programs

While the City of Eugene does not own, operate, build, or manage housing, we collaborate with non-profit and other partners to assess the City’s housing needs, choose the best solutions to efficiently meet them and identify how to pay for them. Working together, our community has created over 3,000 units of permanent affordable housing.

Other City roles include allocating funds (federal, local and private) toward housing solutions in our community and supporting programs that help low-income residents find, rent, buy, retain, and repair their homes. 

Eugene's Housing and Human Service programs are guided through the Eugene-Springfield Consolidated Plan. The Consolidated Plan presents a strategic vision for affordable housing and community development beginning in July 2015 and ending in June 2020.  

What We Do

The Housing Opportunities Team in the Community Development Division manages the City of Eugene’s entitlement funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  Staff also manage, monitor, and report on the affordable housing and community development programs. Work is guided by the Eugene-Springfield Consolidated Plan.


HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME)

HOME funds are provided to the Eugene-Springfield HOME Consortium for the development of rental housing to serve very low- and low-income households. HOME funds are used as a gap fund source to make housing development financing possible. HOME funds can be used for acquisition of existing residential and non-residential building for conversion to affordable housing, or for new construction. The Consortium awards funds through an annual Housing Request for Proposals. HOME awards are targeted to households earning up to 60% AMI.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

CDBG funds are used to improve local communities by providing decent housing, improved infrastructure, public facilities and services, and improved economic opportunities for low and moderate income residents. These funds may also be used for activities that help prevent or eliminate slums or blight or for projects that meet urgent community needs. CDBG awards are targeted to households earning up to 80% AMI.

Using federal funds from the CDBG and HOME Investment Partnership programs, the City: 

  • Assists developers build affordable housing
  • Improves neighborhoods and accessibility
  • Pays for needed services for families and individuals

The City’s CDBG and HOME programs contribute approximately $2 million in federal grants and loans annually to area nonprofit organizations and other groups to provide services, public facilities and affordable housing for low- and moderate-income residents and neighborhoods. 

Affordable Housing Development Incentives

In addition to HOME and CDBG funds, staff manage affordable housing development incentives.