Affordable Housing and      Rehabilitation Programs

Request for Proposals

2018 Housing Request for Proposals

The Eugene-Springfield HOME Consortium is seeking proposals for housing developments affordable to low-income persons. Appropriate proposals will request funds for new construction and/or acquisition and rehabilitation of existing non-residential structures or housing to be converted to affordable housing, with priority preference for proposals that create or add units. Proposals will also be accepted for development of the city-owned property at 1505-1525 River Road.

All potential applicants are encouraged to contact staff to discuss their project and potential uses of available resources as soon as possible, and all potential applicants must submit a letter of intent to apply by October 18, 2018. This will help the Consortium plan for the evaluation process.

Proposals must be received by the application deadline and contain all required components to be eligible for review (RFP 
, Application, and Proforma). There are also Reference materials. This RFP is an open, competitive process to award available resources based upon satisfaction of the described criteria. Please click here to see the RFP Amendment related to resources available.

Creating Stable, Safe Housing for Eugene Residents

The City of Eugene seeks to create a range of stable, safe, and affordable housing opportunities for area residents through a suite of funding, programs, and supportive policies. Eugene programs provide financial and regulatory incentives for the development of permanent, transitional and emergency housing by primary nonprofit partner organizations. City programs are guided through the Eugene-Springfield 2015 Consolidated Plan. Through the investments of the City of Eugene and many other organizations, our community has created over 3000 units of permanent affordable housing,

Affordable Housing Development

Housing Development programs includes funding for acquisitions, new construction, rehabilitation, and project-related soft costs.  Eugene awards funds in this category through an annual Housing Request for Proposals. Subsidies for development include land, HOME Investment Partnership Program funds, system development charge waivers, and property tax exemptions. Regulatory incentives include density bonuses and reduction of parking requirements. Projects receiving funds include small developments for special need populations as well as medium sized affordable housing development. 

Rental Rehabilitation Revolving Loan Program

In addition to adding units, efforts are needed to preserve existing rental and ownership housing for low-income persons. Through the federal CDBG program, Eugene operates a low interest Rental Rehabilitation Revolving Loan Program with CDBG funds for rental rehabilitation and owner rehabilitation units.


Capital Grants for Emergency and Transitional Housing Facilities

This program provides grants for acquisition or rehabilitation of facilities for nonprofit organizations that provide serves for low-income persons. Such facilities include emergency and transitional housing for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. These Human Service Capital Facility Improvement grants are offered through a Request for Proposals when funds are available.

Resources for Residents

The City of Eugene offers a suite of housing resources available to community members.