Hearings Official

Eugene Hearings Official

The role of the Hearings Official is to hold public hearings and issue decisions on certain land use application types. The following applications are typically reviewed and heard by the Hearings Official:
  • Conditional Use Permits (CUP)
  • Planned Unit Development, Tentative Stage (PDT)
  • Willamette Greenway Permit (WG)
  • Zone Change (Z)
  • Appeal of a Planning Director’s Decision
The process for these land use applications includes a mailed public notice to nearby occupants and property owners of the project site, an opportunity for public comment on the project, a public hearing before the Hearings Official, and an appeal period. For more information on this process, view the City’s land use code (Eugene Code Chapter 9).

Hearings Official public hearings are normally held at 5 p.m., in the Sloat conference room, located at 99 West 10th Avenue (Atrium Building) or at 5:30 in Harris Hall, located in the Lane County Public Service Building at 125 East 8th Avenue, in downtown Eugene. Please verify the location on the meeting calendar.

Agenda and Materials for Hearing Items

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