Community Safety System Bridge Funding

Stabilize the System

The City Council dedicated $8.6 million starting January 2019 for 18-months of funding to increase staff and resources. The goal is to stabilize prevention, homeless services, public safety and emergency response. The effort is often referred to as Bridge funding. 

Funded Programs

Specific programs in the one-time, 18-month funding include:

Public Safety Services

  • Adding 10 Patrol Officers to create a city-wide Street Crimes Unit
  • Adding 5 Community Service Officers
  • Adding 4 staff to the 911 Call Center
  • Expanding jail services by 5 beds
  • Funding for the Ambulance Transport gap coverage
  • Funding Municipal Court and City Prosecutor services to meet growing needs

Prevention Services

  • Youth Mental Health Services and Early Intervention Programs through Eugene’s Recreation Division
  • 15th Night, a program to reduce youth homelessness by intervening before they spend 15 nights on the street
  • Continuation of the Community Court program that connects non-violent offenders cited in downtown Eugene with social service providers  
  • Continuation of the Community Outreach Response Team (C.O.R.T), a partnership between the Eugene Police Department and White Bird Clinic that works with individuals who are frequent and repeated users of emergency and court services

Homeless Services

  • A year-round Dusk to Dawn  safe-sleeping program
  • A Day Resource Center that provides access to storage, bathrooms, and connections to services
  • On-going support for programs serving people experiencing homelessness including the Lindholm Center, the Car Camping Program, and the Rest Stop Program

Long-term Solution

Council also committed to finding a long-term solution to this problem. A Revenue Team of community members and Councilors was established in November 2018. This team reviewed funding options that could provide on-going support for community prevention, response and resolution services. All of these services must work together to ensure efficient and effective use of these critical resources. The Revenue Team recommended a payroll tax to support $23.6 million in community safety services on an annual basis. 

City Council Passes Community Safety Payroll Tax Ordinance

At their June 10 work session, the Eugene City Council passed the community safety payroll tax ordinance that will provide on-going, sustainable funding for city-wide public safety efforts. Read our frequently asked questions to learn more.

Bridge Funding Impacts

Check back frequently to learn which changes have been rolled out, and see specific examples of programs that are helping to strengthen our Community Safety System. 

  1. New Street Crimes Unit
  2. Additional Community Service Officers
  3. New Basic Life Support Techs
  4. First Five Months