Alder Street Neighborhood Greenway

Corridor Changes

In 2019, two paving projects at two locations impacted the design of Alder Street. 

  1. Alder Street between 24th and 27th Avenues
  2. 19th Avenue between Hilyard Street and Agate Streets

Pavement replacement projects include rehabilitating the existing pavement by resurfacing the existing pavement, replacing striping, and updating sidewalk access ramps for universal access.  Funding for the projects comes from the voter-approved 2017 Pavement Bond Measure.

The City of Eugene Transportation System Plan 2035 (TSP) identifies Alder Street as a Neighborhood Greenway from 24th Avenue to 35th Avenue.  The repaving of streets provides an opportunity to implement projects from the TSP.  In this case, neighborhood greenway elements could be added to Alder Street as part of the 19th Avenue and Alder Street projects.

Neighborhood Greenway Sign

Neighborhood Greenways

A neighborhood greenway is a low-speed, low-volume street that provides a comfortable environment for all street users.  Neighborhood greenways prioritize walking and bicycling by adding wayfinding signs, pavement markings, and improved crossings of busy streets.  Alder Street from 19th Avenue to 24th Avenue is an example of a neighborhood greenway because it includes traffic diversion at 19th Avenue and 24th Avenue which lowers automobile volume and it contains shared lane marking (sharrows).

Neighborhood Greenway Elements Proposed for Alder Street

To ensure a comfortable environment for people walking and bicycling on Alder Street, the following changes are proposed for installation in 2019. 

  • Traffic Calming – is used to slow the speed of automobile traffic.  The City of Eugene proposes using speed bumps as they are the most effective traffic calming device.  Speed bumps will be added to Alder Street from 24th Avenue to 30th Avenue.’
    • In addition to speed bumps, a neighborhood traffic circle will be added to 28th Avenue at Alder Street. This will eliminate the need for stop signs to control cross traffic at this intersection; stop signs will be removed from Alder Street as a result.Greenway Image
  • Shared Lane Markings – sometimes called “sharrows”, shared lane markings are pavement markings that identify where people riding bikes should ride on the street.  They also communicate the street is a bike route.  Shared Lane Markings will be added to Alder Street from 24th Avenue to 30th Avenue.
  • Enhanced Pedestrian Crossings – are facilities installed on busy streets to make crossing the street easier for people walking and bicycling.  Pedestrian islands, curb extensions, high-visibility crosswalk markings, and flashing beacons are example of facilities used by the City of Eugene.
    • This project proposes adding curb extensions at the intersection of 25th Avenue at Alder Street.  
    • Ramps to the pedestrian beacon across 30th Avenue will also be installed.
  • Diversion - there is existing diversion on Alder Street at 24th Avenue and 19th Avenue.  The project will add turn restrictions at 19th Avenue to prevent left turn conflicts.  For more information, see this graphic.


If you’d like more information on this project please email Reed Dunbar, Transportation Planner, at the City of Eugene.  Or call 541-682-5727.