Franklin Project Library

This page houses documents and plans relating to the work being done to transform Franklin Boulevard. 

Design Concepts Survey Summary. A summary report of feedback received about corridor design alternatives both in-person at the May 29th, 2019 open house and through an online survey. Persons unable to attend the in-person open house were invited to participate in a digital version that provided an equal level of access to project information and feedback opportunities. It featured PDF files containing the same maps and information boards used in the in-person open house. Visitors to the online open house were also directed to an online survey designed to collect their feedback on design options and project priorities. The online open house was open from June 5 - July 14, 2019. It was promoted through social media, presentations, and the City’s InMotion active transportation e-newsletter.

Design Open House: May 2019. An open house held on May 29th, 2019 presented the results of work done by staff since the first workshop took place in January 2019. It highlighted potential corridor alternatives and efforts to incorporate community feedback into designing those alternatives. 

Survey Summary. This report summarizes the public commentary received in response to a series of four questions that were posed to the community to help guide draft designs for Franklin Blvd.

1. What key values should shape the transformation of  Franklin Blvd?

2. What do you currently like about Franklin Blvd?

3. What do you currently dislike about Franklin Blvd and wish to change?

4. What is currently missing from Franklin Blvd that you would like to see created?

These questions were asked during the Design Workshop held in January and posted as a survey on the project home page. The online survey was launched on February 4, 2019 and closed on February 28, 2019. It was advertised through social media and presentations to promote awareness of it.

Design Workshop: January 2019. A four day design workshop was held from January 28-31, 2019. During this time the community was introduced to the project and invited to provide input to guide potential draft designs. At the end of the workshop, conceptual designs were revealed and opened to public comment.

Public Involvement Plan. The public involvement plan describes the strategies and tools for involving the public and other stakeholders in shaping the transformation of Franklin Boulevard. This document is intended primarily as a team resource to help staff coordinate communications and outreach efforts.

Project Overview Memo and Review of Existing Plans Attachment. This memo provides an overview of the Franklin Boulevard Transformation project. It includes a description of the project and the reasons the project is being undertaken. It lays out the vision, goals, and objectives, based on adopted plans, that will guide Franklin Boulevard’s design. The attachment to this document provides excerpts from relevant plans. The memo and attachment will be used as a resource by the project team and public to understand the past thinking that has gone into this project and the needs the design will resolve.

Environmental Overview Memo. This document provides documentation on existing corridor conditions. It will be used to inform the design team and the public so that design concepts can take into account the current environmental, economic, and social conditions in the project area.

Franklin Blvd Transformation Factsheet

Supporting Plans