National Dance Week

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National Dance Week

April 16-25, 2021

Ever Body & All Abilities Welcome. FREE!

We are pleased to announce the third annual National Dance Week. Oregon’s only city-wide National Dance Celebration. This vibrant celebration for dance lovers of all ages will include free workshops, performances and virtual content. All events will be following event safety guidelines as required by the State of Oregon. Please practice physical distancing and remember to wear your mask!

Thank-you to all the artists, organizations, businesses and participants who came together to make this years dance week possible. We loved dancing, learning and celebrating throughout the week with you!

Pictures from the week

Videos from the week

  1. Performances in Kesey Square
  2. Downtown Dances April 23
  3. Community Workshops  & Classes

Performances in Kesey Square

FREE weekday lunchtime performances

April 19-23 • 11:30 a.m.-Noon | Free; drop-in

Kesey Square

Carlos Retro RasmussenCarlos “Retro” Rasmussen

Monday, April 19

 Carlos “Retro” Rasmussen is a 22 year old freestyle animation Dancer/ Movement artist whos grown up in Eugene and was adopted from Portland Oregon. His style consist of combining techniques steaming from waving, tutting, Robotics, popping, ballet, modern, and many styles of footwork. His goals in teaching are to allow people to find the ways they most enjoy creating a story with their body through imagination and our experiences through life. “Traveling around the worlds and helping people with dance with what I want to do with me life. By making the people around me happy and impacting their life and perspectives in a positive way, I’m doing what I want and need to in the world.” Catch Retro a second time, during Downtown Dances, from 5-7 p.m. on Friday, April 23.

Artistic Encounters presents: DanceAbility Performance Company

Tuesday, April 20

DanceAbility International is a global organization founded in 1987 in Eugene, Oregon. Over the last 35 years, we have helped thousands of people, in Oregon and around the world, experience the joy and satisfaction of creativity in a safe, inclusive space. In 2019, DanceAbility was recognized by the Zero Project, an international joint venture between the Essl and Ashoka Foundations, as one of the 10 best organizations in the world for developing programs that tear down the barriers to inclusion and participation in society for those with disabilities around the world. 

Artistic Encounters presents: Eugene Bhangra

Wednesday, April 21

Eugene Bhangra was formed in 1997. We dance and perform dances from India; Bhangra, Bollywood and Giddha. We represent all ages and backgrounds with a shared love of Indian dance, music and culture. We have been performing all over Eugene and other parts of Oregon. Our dance is lively and fun. 

Artistic Encounters presents: Rebelle Ballet

Thursday, April 22

Rebelle Ballet is a volunteer performance group based out of the Rebelle Movement studio. Rebelle Ballet is for adults of all levels that would like to perform for various community-based events. We rebel against the notion that adults must have started dance in their youth in order to perform. We provide opportunities for adults of all levels of instruction to perform, showing it is never too late to start dancing!

Maria Antonieta AlvarezMaria Antonieta Alvarez & Piel Canela

Friday, April 23

Dance improvisation performance with live traditional Mexican music by the duet “Piel Canela”. Dancer: María Antonieta Alvarez Musicians: Mago Gilson and Willy Ramirez.

History of National Dance Week: National Dance Week was formed in 1981 when a group of dance-related organizations began a strong grassroots movement to bring greater recognition to dance in the United States. National Dance Week celebrations occur throughout the nation.

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