Affordable Housing Development Programs

2022 Housing Request for Proposals

The Eugene-Springfield HOME Consortium is seeking proposals for rental housing developments affordable to low-income persons.   Applications may be submitted for new construction proposals, and/or acquisition of existing residential or non-residential structures to be converted to affordable housing.  Resources offered include development funding and a property on 13th Avenue in Eugene.


Please submit a letter of intent to apply by October 19, 2022 describing the potential site and proposed uses of funds.  This will help the Consortium plan for the evaluation process.

Proposals must be received by the application deadline of November 16, 2022 and contain all required components to be eligible for review (RFP, Application, and Proforma).  There are also Reference materials.  This RFP is an open, competitive process to award available resources based upon satisfaction of the described criteria.  

General Questions and Answers about the 13th Avenue property in Eugene will be posted and updated here for all prospective developers.

For more information please contact Ellen Meyi-Galloway by email at

Affordable Housing Development

Housing Development programs include funding for acquisitions, new construction, rehabilitation, and project-related soft costs.  Eugene awards funds in this category through an annual Housing Request for Proposals. Subsidies for development include land, HOME Investment Partnership Program funds, system development charge exemptions, and property tax exemptions. Regulatory incentives include density bonuses and reduction of parking requirements. Projects receiving funds include small developments for special need populations as well as medium sized affordable housing development.

Housing Request for Proposals (RFP)

The HOME Investment Partnership Program is a federal program administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to expand affordable housing opportunities for low-income persons.  Eugene and Springfield receive HOME funds jointly as the Eugene-Springfield HOME Consortium.  Eugene receives the HOME funds from HUD on behalf of the HOME Consortium and is responsible for the oversight and administration of HOME funds in the entire Consortium area.  HOME funds are offered as a development subsidy through the annual Affordable Housing Request for Proposals (RFP) process. The HOME Consortium Governing Board makes final decisions for use of HOME funds for development projects based on the input of the Board’s Evaluation Committee and direction of the respective cities.  Each City Council may also award other development incentives to the project proposals through the RFP process. Recent previously awarded proposals are available for review.