Ongoing Periodic Closures Due to Garage Deck Resurfacing

Why do the Garage Decks Need to be Resurfaced?

The deck resurfacing project was identified in our 2016 engineering assessment. Resurfacing will maintain structural integrity and safety of the garages by preventing water from permeating concrete surfaces.

Structural Integrity:

Cracks in the decking allow water to permeate concrete and can lead to rust on internal rebar. When this rebar expands, it can lead to cracks in the concrete and eventual structural failure of the garage. Sealing cracks and joints will help prolong the life of the garage.


Rebar expansion due to moisture can lead to lifted and cracked areas of concrete, causing uneven pedestrian walking surface.

Resurfacing the deck will give it more grip and make it safer for pedestrians to walk on.

Comfort and Noise Reduction:

The new deck coating will help reduce squeaking tires when driving within the garage.

Sealing cracks will reduce water leaking throughout the structure.

Thank you for your patience while we maintain the garages.

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