15th Avenue Traffic Sign Change

July 2020 Update

Public Works staff implemented the planned traffic control sign change during the first two weeks of July 2020. We replaced the two-way stop signs at the 15th Ave traffic circle intersections of Washington St, Lincoln St, and Charnelton St with four-way yield signs on all streets approaching these intersections. This change will be applied to the 15th Ave and Ferry St intersection at a future date. 

This change is being applied as a pilot project. Staff will monitor the intersections for any collisions that occur after the change takes place. This data will be evaluated against crash data collected before the pilot project was implemented. If it is determined that the change is not improving the safety of all street users, it will be reversed.

One of the reasons this change is occurring is in response to the adoption of Senate Bill 998, which became effective January 1, 2020. The bill makes it legal for people on bikes to yield at a stop sign instead of coming to a full stop before proceeding. As a result, the behavior of some cyclists is changing and the design of our streets, including traffic control signage, is also changing to ensure the safety of all users of the street network. This is in alignment with Vision Zero, the city’s adopted goal of reducing traffic-related deaths and life-changing injuries to zero by 2035.

Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey (July - August 2019). We had 163 responses. A summary of survey findings is available.

What is this Project all About?

15th Avenue, between the UO campus and Jefferson Street, is a residential street and popular bicycle route with four neighborhood traffic circles. The City is considering changing the STOP signs that accompany the neighborhood traffic circles along this corridor to YIELD signs in all directions as well as adding marked crosswalks. 

What is a Traffic Circle?

Neighborhood traffic circles are essentially smaller, more residentially-focused versions of roundabouts. They have a circular island in the center that direct traffic to drive counter-clockwise around the center island toward their desired destination. They also calm traffic by reducing travel speeds and removing traffic lights. Without a traffic light, the “need to beat the light” mentality is diminished, and traffic can move more smoothly at a constant speed without completely coming to a stop. Instead, drivers yield to oncoming traffic before entering the circle. This is the key word – yield.

Picture of a Neighborhood Traffic Circle

Where are the Traffic Circle Located on 15th Ave?Map showing traffic circle locationsTraffic Circles can be found on 15th Avenue at the intersections of:

  • Washington St
  • Lincoln St
  • Charnelton St
  • Ferry St