HTS Action Inventory

The Housing Tools and Strategies Action Inventory organizes the Working Group's identified potential actions into three categories:

  • In-progress actions;
  • Recommended actions; and
  • Not recommended actions.

The document is intended to be used as an inventory of potential actions that can affect housing affordability, availability, and diversity of type. It is a large menu of actions that can be implemented over time, many of which require additional research to understand impacts, resources required, and how best to implement to be effective. It is a work in progress—it will be modified as new ideas emerge, as actions are implemented, and actions found to be ineffective are removed from the inventory. For each action, the document provides a brief explanation and the level of support the action had from the HTS working group. 

Not everything on the Action Inventory will be viable. This document will be updated as items are reviewed, implemented, and if possible, completed. The version available above was last updated in February 2021.