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A claim is a request  for coverage or reimbursement for a loss incurred. The City of Eugene provides coverage for: 

  • Liability Claims, related to injury or damage to third parties occurring from City operations 
  • Workers' Compensation Claims for employees who have been injured on the job
  • Unemployment Claims, for eligible individuals previously employed by City of Eugene
  1. Liability Claims
  2. Workers' Compensation
  3. Unemployment

Liability Claims

The City of Eugene administers a Liability program to insure damages that may occur as a result of City operations. The City is self-insured and purchases supplemental insurance for excess liability.

Staff in the Employee Resource Center

  • Receive and review claim forms
  • Administer, manage, investigate, and adjust claims arising from municipal operations

Filing a Claim

  • To request a claim form, contact the Claims Team by phone or e-mail.
  • Claims delivered in person or by mail will be recorded on the date received by the Employee Resource Center. Claims faxed or e-mailed and received before the close of the business day will be recorded as received on that date. All claims delivered after business hours (5 p.m.) will be recorded as received on the next business day.